2005 Council Announcements

May 19, 2005



1.  Councilmember Buhler said a few years ago he was asked to be on what was going to be formed as a Utah Advisory Board for the Trust of Public Lands.  He said the first kick-off was Thursday, May 26, 2005.  He said if the meeting schedule for May 26th was light and if Council Members wanted to go to the reception then they could cancel the May 26th meeting and hold it on May 31st.  Council Members did not have a problem with moving the meeting to the 31st.  Council Members requested staff to see if the EDCU briefing could be moved to May 31st. 


2.  Ms. Saxton asked about a job description for a Councilmember as to time commitment, what Council Members did and the hours that were required or expected.  She said she was not asking for an increase but they needed a job where they worked a quarter of the time.  She said to be realistic about what the job required there should be a clear guideline.  She said everyone did not have flexibility.  She asked the Council to think about it.