2010 Council Announcements

May 11, 2010


Additional City Council Announcements

May 11, 2010


A.    Information Needed by council Staff


Item #1 below Staff is requesting clarification about who should

serve on the Utah League Legislative Policy Committee.


How does the City Council wish to apportion voting membership on the Utah

League Legislative Policy Committee?  Councilmember Simonsen said he might be interested.


1.    Utah League of Cities & Towns Legislative Policy committee Membership.


The Utah League of Cities and Towns has requested that all Utah municipalities submit a form by May 15 for each person who is a voting or non-voting member of the League’s Legislative Policy Committee.

However, because the Policy Committee has become a popular part of

participating in the League, the League plans to limit each city’s voting members to

three. That still allows any number of people to complete the form as a non-voting member, but each municipality - unless it has officials serving on the League’s

Board of Directors -is limited to three voting members.

Salt Lake City currently has two people - Council Members Love and

Christensen - who serve on the League Board, and they will be voting members of

the Policy Committee as long as they hold their respective Board offices.

Generally, the Administration has had a voting representative on the Policy

Committee, and it is probable the current Administration plans to continue to have

a voting representative. That leaves two slots for City Council Members to serve

as voting members on the Policy Committee. Earlier this year, the Council designated

the City Council Chair to serve as a voting member of the Policy Committee when

Council Member Christensen was appointed to the League Board. It should be

noted that the Council Chair and Vice Chair and the RDA Chair make up the

Council’s Legislative Committee.


A sample appointment form is below:


The following information should be completed and submitted to the

ULCT by May 15, 2010. Questions or concerns, please call Lincoln at











Have you served on LPC before? (YIN):

Voting or Non-Voting Member Request:


2.    Letter for your approval:


The Council discussed the Small Business Initiative last week, and approved the concept provided in the proposal from Bob Farrington for the use of the $10,000 funds. A letter has been prepared for your review and approval.


May 11, 2010


Bob Farrington

Deputy Director

Community & Economic Development

P0 Box 145486

Salt Lake City Utah 84114-5486


Dear Bob:


Thank you for the Small Business Initiative Proposal provided to the Council. The proposal was helpfhl in gaining an understanding df the purposes a!ndgbals behind the $10,000 allocated for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. The Council is supportive of the proposal and gives approval to move forward as outlined. However, with the closing of the fiscal year, the Council may re-appropriate the finds for the 2010-2011 fiscal year within the Community & Economic Development Budget.


Thank you for your continued diligent efforts to grow neighborhood businesses.




JT Martin

Salt Lake City Council, Chair

cc:   City Council Members

Mayor Ralph Becker

David Everitt, Mayor’s Chief of Staff

Frank Gray, Community & Economic Development Director

Mary De La-Mare Schaeffer, Community & Economic Development Deputy Director

Gina Chamness, Senior Administrative Analyst

Gordon Hoskins, Administrative Services Deputy Director

Sylvia Richards, City Council Budget Analyst (CED)

Brent Beck, Community & Economic Development Financial Analyst


Is the attached letter approved?  Yes


City Council Announcements

May 11, 2010


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    The Council office has received the Quarterly Housing Report for the Third Quarter, FY 2009-2010.



Would the Council like to hold a briefing on the attached report?  No


Ms. Gust-Jenson said to confirm with everyone, we had our last meeting with the preservation working group until after the budget.  She said everything is on hold until the budget is adopted.