2010 Council Announcements

May 4, 2010



City Council Announcements

May 4, 2010



A.      Information Needed by Council Staff

1.   Small Business Initiative.

      The City Council has received the attached proposal from Economic Development Director Bob Farrington regarding the Small Business Initiative and $10,000 allocated to the project. The recommendations included in the proposed outline a matching grant program for neighborhood business districts for the use of a variety of projects, services, or amenities. The City Council, through a letter from the Council Chair to the Utah Local First chair, also asked that organization how the $10,000 should be allocated. Council staff followed up the letter with an e-mail and a personal visit to the Local Utah First chair’s place of business for a response to the letter from the Council Chair. However, no response has been received.


Is the Council supportive of the proposal from Mr. Farrington? Does the Council wish to suggest adjustments or changes?  Council Members Garrott, Christensen, Turner, Love and Penfold were in support of this issue.



2.   Utah League of Cities & Towns Legislative Policy Committee Membership. The Utah League of Cities and Towns has requested that all Utah municipalities submit a form by May 15 for each person who is a voting or non-voting member of the League’s Legislative Policy Committee.


            However, because the Policy Committee has become a popular part of participating in the League, the League plans to limit each city’s voting members to three. That still allows any number of people to complete the form as a non-voting member, but each municipality – unless it has officials serving on the League’s Board of Directors – is  limited to three voting members.


            Salt Lake City currently has two people – Council Members Love and Christensen – who serve on the League Board, and they will be voting members of the Policy Committee as long as they hold their respective Board offices. Generally, the Administration has had a voting representative on the Policy Committee, and it is probable the current Administration plans to continue to have a voting representative. That leaves two slots for City Council Members to serve as voting members on the Policy Committee. Earlier this year, the Council designated the City Council Chair to serve as a voting member of the Policy Committee when Council Member Christensen was appointed to the League Board. It should be noted that the Council Chair and Vice Chair and the RDA Chair make up the Council’s Legislative Committee.


How does the City Council wish to apportion voting membership on the Utah League Legislative Policy Committee?  Council Members Garrott, Love, Christensen, Turner and Penfold were told to think about it and get back to staff if interested.



A sample appointment form is below:  


The following information should be completed and submitted to the ULCT by May 15, 2010. Questions or concerns, please call Lincoln at 801-328-1601









Have you served on LPC before? (Y/N):

Voting or Non-Voting Member Request: