2000 Council Announcements

June 6, 2000


City Council Announcements

June 6, 2000


A.    Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    LETTER TO YOUTH CITY GOVERNMENT:  Council Member Carlton Christensen would like to write a letter to each of the newly elected Youth City Government youth.  See attached letter.  Would the Council Members like to send letters to each member from the entire Council, or would they prefer to send letters individually to students in their respective districts?

All Council Members were in favor of sending the letter signed by the Council Chair.


2.    PROPERTY CONVEYANCE: Sierra Pacific would like to install a fiber optic conduit to complete part of a cross country network.  This new route will connect a portion of their network entering the City right-of-way from I-215 to their facilities located near the Regent Street Block and then back to I-215.  There will be disruption to traffic.  Most notably: 200 W. (between 500 N. - N. Temple); North Temple (between 200 W.- State St.); State Street (N. Temple – 200 S.);  200 South (State St. – 200 W.);  200 West (200 S. – 900 S.); 900 South (200 W. – 900 W.)  The method to be used (trenching vs. boring) is not noted in the attached paperwork.  Council staff will have more information about the method for the Work Session.  The compensation tendered annually (10yrs.) is $9,480.

All Council Members were in favor of gathering more details regarding the conveyance before holding a public hearing .


B.    Council Office Policies


C.    For Your Information


1.    ECONOMIC IMPACT ANALYSIS: Alice Steiner provided copies of her slide presentation and bullet points given Thursday, May 18th  regarding the process of economic impact analysis for developments.  Copies are available in the Council Office.


2.    TRAFFIC CONTROL CENTER:  Attached is the Traffic Control Center Quarterly Report.


D.    Meetings