2000 Council Announcements

July 11, 2000


City Council Announcements

July 11, 2000


A.    Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    PARKING PADS:  In March 2000, Council Member Buhler received numerous calls from District Six residents who received a citation for concrete parking areas or pads located in the front yard of their residential lots.  They had been cited due to retaliation by a neighbor previously cited who then “turned in” fifty neighbors. 

Due to the number of calls, Council Member Buhler met with members of the Administration to discuss this issue.  As a result of that meeting, the Administration has provided the attached information identifying different options for consideration.  Council Member Buhler would like to initiate a legislative action to change current regulations in the zoning ordinance relating to front yard parking.  He would like to receive feedback from the Council regarding the attached document and to discuss process options before finalizing the proposed Legislative Action.

Would Council Members prefer to give Council Member Buhler feedback on an individual basis or discuss this issue as a group at an upcoming Council Work Session?

A: Councilmember Buhler asked Councilmembers to review the material, then discuss the issue individually or by e-mail.  He said this would give him a sense of whether others were interested in looking at the issue.  If said if others were also interested, a more formal briefing could be held.


Councilmember C. Christensen said if the opportunity presented itself, he would like to sit down with the Planning staff and come to a better visualization of what the options meant, before he would be interested in a briefing.  He said he was willing to do some research prior to that point.


Councilmember Saxton encouraged Council Members to remember that some areas in the City had very little space between houses.  She said some home owners could not even drive a car between the two house.