2000 Council Announcements

May 16, 2000


City Council Announcements

May 16, 2000


1.    A.   Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    SIGN ORDINANCE:  The Administration has provided additional information in response to a request from Council Member Rogan regarding the proposed Sign Ordinances amendment for painted signs and murals.  The Council received a briefing from the Administration on January 6, 2000.  At that time, Council Member Rogan asked that, prior to the Council scheduling a hearing, the Planning Division contact the Vest Pocket Coalition, the Greater Avenues, Capitol Hill and other Community Councils to provide an update regarding the proposed changes.  The Administration indicates that no opposition was expressed and no changes have been suggested.  Would Council Members like to receive a briefing from the Administration prior to setting a date for a public hearing? 


A:  All Council Members said there was no need for a briefing.


2.    B.   Council Office Policies


3.    C.   For Your Information


4.    COMPENSATION PLAN FOR EXECUTIVE EMPLOYEES AND ELECTED OFFICIALS: On April 28, the Council was provided with copies of proposed compensation plans with changes noted in legislative format.  In the executive employees compensation plan, there was an error in Appendix C for the employer retirement contributions.  The attached sheet is a corrected copy. 


Subsequent to distributing the 800 series proposed compensation plan (fire captains and battalion chiefs), an administrative decision was made to reclassify fire captain from exempt to nonexempt employees.  This will entitle fire captains to overtime compensation if they are authorized and required by their supervisors to perform City work on an overtime basis.  Battalion chiefs will remain exempt employees, and as such will not be eligible for overtime compensation.  This change is based on legal interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Attached are the modified sections from the compensation plans. 


These errors have been corrected on the official copies in the Recorder’s Office that the Council will consider for adoption on June 15. 


5.    D.   Meetings   


        May 16th

Business License Fees (Small Group Meetings)   

Historic Room

3 p.m.

4 p.m.