2010 Council Announcements

July 13, 2010


City Council Announcements

July 13, 2010


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.   Public Utilities Grant Award

    The Department of Public Utilities received the grant for developing a native plant / water wise plant database. In order to move the project along, they are hoping to be able to hire the photographer to take pictures of plants in full color.


    Would the Council approve the Department moving forward with a photographer contract, and then reimbursing the costs once the grant money is officially received in a budget opening?   Council Members were in agreement.


2.  Ms. Bruno asked for some detail on the Council’s retreat.  She said the retreat was confirmed for July 30th at a location to be determined.  She asked if the Council preferred an all day retreat or half a day.  Council Members wanted to hold the retreat from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  She wanted to confirm if the Council wanted an outside facilitator. 


B.   For Your Information

1.   Attached for your review is the Violence Against Women Act Grant Report.



2.   The Utah League of Cities & Towns is seeking nominations to fill six openings in September on the League’s 19-member board of directors. The nominations are limited to elected municipal officials. The League will select the six individuals at the organization’s annual business meeting in September in Salt Lake City. Terms on the board are for two years, and the board meets quarterly.


    According to the League, “Nominations of individuals to serve on the Board or as Second Vice President must be submitted to the League office, in writing, no later than August 15, 2010. Those applying for Second Vice President cannot also apply for the Board of Directors.” It should be noted that the terms on the board of Council Members Jill Love and Carlton Christensen will expire in September.


    Duties of board members include:

      Maintaining contact with League members within each district

      Reviewing and approving of the League's annual budget

      Participating in board meetings, retreats and conventions

      Establishing ad hoc and blue ribbon committees and appointing members of standing and Legislative Policy Committees.


    The board also determines League policy, and ratifies decisions of the Executive Committee and Legislative Policy Committee.


        Council staff has attached a copy of the nomination form.  Councilmember Christensen said he needed to decide if he was going to apply again.  Councilmember Simonsen said he was interested.  Ms. Bruno said it any member was interested to get in touch with Carlton or Russell Weeks.