2004 Council Announcements

July 13, 2004


City Council Announcements

July 13, 2004


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    Justice Court Audit: During budget discussions several Council Members indicated an interest in commissioning an audit of the Justice Court. Would Council Members like for staff to move ahead with the audit?  All Council Members present were in favor of moving ahead with the audit.


2.    Telecommunications Subcommittee:  During the UTOPIA consideration a subcommittee was formed to look at telecommunications issues in Salt Lake City. The two Members currently on the subcommittee are Council Member Buhler and Jergensen. Would another Council Member like to join?  There was no other Council Member who wanted to participate on the subcommittee. 


B. For Your Information


1. Attached is the annual report for the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility for 2003.


2. Procedure for voting during Formal Meetings and straw polling during Work Sessions: Due to the Recorder’s new process of preparing minutes, and due to the several controversial items that the Council has considered lately, it would be helpful to ensure that each Council Members’ vote is recorded accurately and clearly on the audio recording of each meeting. In order to be sure that the record of votes and straw polls are accurate, Chairpersons will need to roll call the vote or straw poll on each item.