2008 Council Announcements

September 9, 2008


City Council Announcements

September 9, 2008



A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    ROUND 4: Council Priorities & Projects – establishing new items (See attached)     Cindy Gust-Jenson said the goal was to summarize how the Council wanted to handle this as described back in their retreat.  She said if they captured that they move ahead with it and if they did not they would get the revisions and come back to the Council.  She said the revision was attached to the announcements.  All Council Members present were comfortable with the suggestion.

2.    Council Member Garrott would like to follow up on previous Council discussions with regards to the allocation of proceeds from the sale of the Kiwanis-Felt Building to the Central Community Recreation Center renovation.  Is the Council comfortable with moving ahead during the next budget opening, recognizing there will be a future transaction with the RDA, and with the understanding that funds are needed now to move forward on the recreation center renovation?  (Funds could be allocated from the surplus land account or from the fund balance of the General Fund.)  Would the Council like to move forward at this time?   Lyn Creswell said they could take the money out of the surplus land account, meet the obligation and deal with the land issue later in time.  All Council Members present were in favor. 

B.    For Your Information