2007 Council Announcements

September 13, 2007


City Council Announcements

September 13, 2007


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    Leonardo Business Plan – Review by Outside Consultant:  Webb Management Services and Economic Research Associates (ERA) have each submitted a proposal to the Council Office for the independent review of the Leonardo Business Plan.  The consultants will have thirty days to complete their report once they have been selected and notified.

Council Staff would like to know how you would like to proceed with the selection of the Leonardo Business Plan Review consultant, given the time pressure of this project.  The standard process would be to refer this to the Council’s Audit Subcommittee for a recommendation to the full Council.  Is it acceptable to the Council for the Audit Subcommittee to fill this function on this project?  Members of that subcommittee are Council Members Christensen, Love and Jergensen.  Yes!


2.    North Salt Lake – Property Payment:  Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County entered into an Interlocal agreement to jointly purchase property from North Salt Lake (NSL) for $3.5 million.  North Salt Lake received half of the money from Salt Lake City, but due to delays the remaining fifty percent has not been provided to North Salt Lake.  There has been a bit of confusion in obtaining funds from Salt Lake County, processing through the City, and providing payment to North Salt Lake.

North Salt Lake provided the deed to the property to the City some time ago and are now requesting to be paid as soon as possible. 


Three options have been suggested.  They are:


1.    Pay North Salt Lake from City Capital Improvement Program funds (CIP) and repay the Capital Improvement Program account in 10 to 14 days when the City receives funds from Salt Lake County.

2.    Receive funds from Salt Lake County in 10 – 14 days. Appropriate the payment in the City budget opening October 18. Forward the payment from the City to North Salt Lake October 19 or 20.

3.    Wait 10-14 days to receive funds from Salt Lake County.  Upon receipt of the Salt Lake County funds, provide payment to North Salt Lake from City Capital Improvement Program funds. Appropriate the funds from Salt Lake County to the CIP account at the October 18 budget opening.


Council Staff would like to know which option Council Members would like to pursue in order to proceed with paying North Salt Lake.  Ms. Gust-Jenson said no discussion was need on this issue because it had been resolved.


3.    Conditional Use Moratorium – two petitions have been transmitted to the Council Office staff would appreciate feedback from the Council regarding the appropriated way to handle these petitions: 

a.    Request from Lou Corsillo, owner of Andy’s place at 479 East 300 South, to amend the Table of Permitted and Conditional Uses for Residential Districts to allow private clubs as a conditional use in the Residential Mixed-Use Zoning District.

b.    Request from Salt Lake City Planning Commission to allow certain utility installations to be handled as Routine & Uncontested Matters in all residential districts, the Neighborhood Commercial District, the Mixed Use District, the Mobile Home Park District, and the Open Space District.  The zoning text change will also allow utility installations as permitted uses in all other zoning districts. 

These are currently multiple applications pending in the Planning department that would be affected by this request.  The ordinance would significantly streamline the utility installation approval process – however, concerns have been raised that the petitions also significantly limits the opportunity for public notification/involvement.  Ms. Gust-Jenson said there were a number of unanswered questions.  She said the staff would continue to follow-up on questions/suggestions and then get back to the Council with an interim update.  She said the Council could then provide direction for future action.