2002 Council Announcements

October 17, 2002


City Council Announcements

October 17, 2002


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. Planning staff has indicated that they would be pleased to schedule another field trip/tour of the Northwest Quadrant for Council Members who were unable to attend the field trip on September 30th.  Council Members Love, Jergensen, and Saxton were not able to attend on the 30th.  Would Council Members like to identify a couple of days and times that would be workable?  Councilmember Love said she wanted a ground tour.  Other Council Members would take the helicopter tour.


The area includes properties north of Interstate-80 and west of the International Center.  The filed trip includes a ground and helicopter tour and takes approximately 4 hours.  Some of the major property owners in this area would like to begin development in the near future and will be asking the City to begin a master planning process.  The tour is intended to familiarize Council Members with area and provide an overview of general issues that may need to be considered. 


2. Election Night Council Meeting: A citizen who regularly attends Council meetings called to express concern that the Council intends to hold a meeting on election night.  The Council has traditionally held a meeting on this night.  Would the Council like to reconsider its practice?   The majority of the Council was in favor of holding a meeting on November 5th but keeping it fairly short.


Additional Item:


1.  Ms. Gust-Jenson said there was a letter to Mr. Robert Joseph.  She said he was the Police Office who wanted the Council to intervene on his behalf.  She said almost all Council Members had given their ok She said staff needed to hear back from Council Members Love and Saxton.  Councilmember Saxton said she was ok with the letter.


2.  Council Member Buhler said a draft from the subcommittee was given to Council Members.  He said he wanted Council Members to take it home and read it and e-mail or call in comments over the next week or so.  He said this was a working document.


B. Council Office Policies


C. For Your Information


D. Meetings