2002 Council Announcements

October 15, 2002


City Council Announcements

August 15, 2002

(Should be October 15th).

Item was moved to October 17th



A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff

1. Housing Subcommittee Suggestion: Council Member Eric Jergensen would like to suggest that the Council establish a housing subcommittee to look at long-term funding for the Housing Trust Fund and related housing issues. Would the Council like to establish a Housing Subcommittee?  Councilmember Jergensen said the Council needed to begin to look at this and establish some policy direction.  Councilmember Jergensen and Saxton would serve on the Housing Subcommittee with an open invitation for a third Council Member to join.

 Councilmember Lambert suggested establishing a subcommittee to address the criteria relating to the $100,000 given to each Council district.  Council Members Buhler, Turner and either Love or Lambert would serve on the committee.


2. Property Conveyance: Sale of surplus property at 200 North between 400-500 West (approximately) to SLHNET Investments. The property was platted as a street that was never built. Now it can only be used as ingress/egress to existing parking lots owned by SLHNET. Public Utilities have sizeable subsurface facilities located here (no structures can built upon it). Compensation tendered is $104,089. Does the Council wish to hold a hearing?  No


B. Council Office Policies


C. For Your Information


D. Meetings