2005 Council Announcements

October 11, 2005


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City Council Announcements

October 6, 2005


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.  October’s schedule is such that there are no Tuesdays or Thursdays available prior to Council Meetings when the following subcommittee meetings can be scheduled.  Therefore, would you please provide some possible dates/times for these meetings.  Thanks for your help.


     Dave, Jill, Eric – Benefits Plans for Domestic Partners

     Carlton, Dave, Nancy – Taxicabs



2. Request For Proposals (RFP) for review of the City’s CURRENT FOOTHILL/HILLSIDE/SLOPE DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS – In 2003, the Council considered a petition to correct a discrepancy between the City’s Site Development Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance relating to minimum lot size and developable area requirements in foothill zoning districts.  This issue was raised by the City Attorney’s office during a review of a proposed foothill subdivision located at 1085 East North Bonneville Drive (property owner, Mr. Amir Cornell).  The Council adopted a motion to “continue the public hearing until after Council staff and the Administration have had time to propose additional methodologies and processes to define an ordinance regarding Foothill Development and such a proposal may and ought to include hiring a consultant to help the Council on this issue”.  Consultant Pat Comarell has prepared the attached Request for Proposals.  In developing the RFP, Ms. Comarell met with representatives from the Administration (City Attorney’s office, Public Utilities, Planning, Fire and Property Management) and Mr. Cornell’s attorney, Mr. Bruce Baird.  Does the Council wish for staff to issue the RFP?   Yes!  Does the Council have changes or additions to the proposed scope statements? 


3. Early advertising for public hearing – A land-use petition from Mr. Jim Shaw representing Shaw Homes, Inc. requesting to rezone property at 1551 and 1545 West 200 South from Single-Family Residential R-1/5,000 to Commercial Neighborhood CN has been received from the Administration.  This rezoning would affect property in Council District 2.  On October 12, 2004 the Council referred the rezoning petition back to the Planning Commission to “consider rezoning the property to Residential Multi-Family RMF-45, as requested by the petitioner, to allow multi-family residential development consistent with the adjacent condominium uses in the area”.  Due to several problems the petitioner has encountered in pursing residential development, the petitioner earlier this year requested that the Planning Commission and City Council consider commercial zoning for the property.  Earlier this summer the petitioner met with Council Member Turner to discuss this issue.  The petitioner has requested an expedited process with the City Council due to the length of time they have been in the process.  The Council is scheduled to receive a briefing on this issue on Tuesday, October 11th.  If the Council authorizes advertising of public hearing on Tuesday, October 18th, the hearing can be held on Tuesday, November 1st. Without advertising in advance, the hearing will be delayed until November 18th.  Does the Council authorize advertising of the public hearing?  Yes!


4. Council Members have been invited to attend the Inactivation Ceremony of the USS Salt Lake City in San Diego, CA on October 26th.  Regardless of whether Council Members decide to attend, Council Member Christensen suggested that a letter from the Chair be drafted and sent to the Commander, accompanied by small City gifts for the members of the crew. Do Council Members approve of the attached letter from the Chair?   The Council wanted a Resolution rather than a letter.


5. Audit of Unfunded Liabilities – As a result of a potentially large unfunded liability relating to a monument/fountain in the Library block, the Council may wish to discuss hiring the City’s financial auditors to determine whether the City should take additional steps to add controls or procedures to prevent future unfunded liabilities. Are Council Members interested in pursuing this?  Yes.


B. For Your Information


1.  Attached is a Grant Application.

2. Reminder: On Tuesday, October 11, 2005 at 12:00 p.m. Council Members are scheduled to meet as the Board of Canvassers (Lunch will be served)



October 6, 2005


Tracy Howard, Commanding Officer

USS Salt Lake City


FPO AP 96678


Dear Commander Howard,

      On behalf of the Salt Lake City Council, I wish to extend our thanks to you, the officers and enlisted personnel of the USS Salt Lake City for representing Salt Lake City with honor, dignity and respect during your various deployments and assignments. 


      From numerous sources, we hear that the USS Salt Lake City and its crew are well-trained, battle-ready, and have proven to be a great asset to the United States Navy as a Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine.  We wish to extend our united and heartfelt gratitude to you and the members of your crew for your dedication and service to our nation.


      It is our understanding that the USS Salt Lake City will be deactivated, and that some members of the crew will be reassigned to the USS Helena after the USS Salt Lake City is decommissioned.  We appreciate the association that we have enjoyed with you over the years and wish you well in your future assignments.




                                    Dale J. Lambert, Chair

                                    Salt Lake City Council