2001 Council Announcements

November 6, 2001


City Council Announcements

November 6, 2001


A.    Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. The Administration’s Initial Response to the Council’s Legislative Intent Statements (adopted on June 14, 2001): The Statements and Responses are attached. Does the Council wish to schedule a briefing or to review the list during Announcements?  No discussion was held.


2. PROPERTY CONVEYANCES: Do Council Members wish to hold hearings?

i) Temporary Construction Easement along the East side of Hidden Hollow property to provide temporary access for the completion of the underground electrical utility, stairway, sidewalks, building footings and the regrading & revegetation of the property. And a Reciprocal Easement Agreement for a perpetual pedestrian access through Parkview Plaza II. City and Utah Open Lands grant a reciprocal right to Parkview Associates to construct, operate and maintain the above-mentioned improvements along the Eastern side of Hidden Hollow. The site is south of 2100 South and west of 1300 South. The compensation is in the form of Reciprocal Easement Agreement, which provides for perpetual public access to the Hidden Hollow area through private property owned by Parkview Associates. This connection corridor was specified in the Hidden Hollow Natural Area Plan.  No hearing.


ii) Lease and improvement of City property for use temporarily as employee parking; 550-600 West 400 South, underlying the 400 South viaduct. “There has been an increase of illegal activities resulting in vandalism, and public health and safety violations causing concern for the abutting property owners and the police… Until the City is in a position to determine another use for the area (i.e. parking for the Intermodal Hub) leasing it provides the most effective means of managing inappropriate activity.” Compensation is $110 monthly, plus lessee will install a chain link fence and signage to secure property thus reducing the need for police response and County Health Department complaints. Maintenance and upkeep is included in the lease requirements. (This is the conveyance for which the Council previously requested a hearing. Additional work has been done on this  issue.)  No hearing.


ii) Temporary (November 1-March 31) Verizon Wireless “Cell on Wheels” to be placed in Herman L Franks Park, (parking area). Parks management is willing to allow the use for the 5 month time span. Compensation will be $1,500 per month. No negative impact is foreseen. Conveyance is subject to Large-Scale Special Events Ordinance.  No hearing.

3.  Rail-Related Mass Transit Policies: Item F.2 in the Council Office Policy Manual, titled Light Rail, reads: “The City Council concurs with the Planning Commission’s recommendation that the Main Street, double track, center of street alignment would best serve the existing and future needs of Salt Lake City.”  Given that the North-South light rail line is finished, and the Main Street to University light rail line is near completion, would the City Council consider the attached statements to update the Policy Manual?  Council Members agreed.


4. The attached Council Office Policy sections are outdated or are no longer relevant.  Are Council Members in favor of deleting these sections from the Council Policy Manual?  Council Members were in favor.


5. Does the Council wish to televise the 2002 Council Induction ceremony?  The estimated cost to televise the induction is $500.   This cost includes projecting to a large screen in the Work Session room and televising on Channel 71.    In addition, sound will be in the hallway and the Council Office's TV can either be set up outside the Council's front office door or set up in the front office with some chairs for guests.  In 2000, the Council/Mayor Induction ceremony was televised on Channel 71 and projected on a large screen in the Work Session room.  Council Members were in favor.


6. City Council Legislative Breakfast

      In 2002 the Utah Legislature will convene on January 21. It will adjourn on February 7 for the 2002 Winter Olympics and reconvene on February 25. The session then will run from February 25 to March 6.

      Given the Legislature's timetable, does the Council wish to schedule a breakfast with Salt Lake City legislators this year? If so, would you prefer December or January? Potential dates might be December 17, 18, 19 or 20 or January 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18. 

      In the past, the Council has scheduled a briefing from the Administration on legislative issues that may affect Salt Lake City. Would the Council wish to schedule a briefing at one of its remaining meetings in November or at one of its meetings in December?  Council Members wanted to deal with this later.



B.    Council Office Policies


C.    For Your Information


D.    Meetings