2003 Council Announcements

May 8, 2003


City Council Announcements

May 8, 2003



A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. As a follow-up to the discussion at the Council’s retreat, the following changes will be made to the Council Induction Ceremony Policy:


c. The focus of the Induction Ceremony shall be on the Council Members-Elect who are being sworn into office.


      The City Council seeks to appropriately recognize both Council Members who are leaving office and Council Members-Elect who are about to be sworn into office.

      Recognition of outgoing Council Members shall take place prior to the Induction Ceremony during the month of December. Time for this recognition shall not be scheduled in conjunction with the induction ceremony. Presentations of awards and/or gifts of recognition mementos, comments from outgoing Council Members and/or Council Members remaining in office, and comments from the Mayor are appropriate at that time. Council Members shall have the opportunity to invite their family members to attend.

Recognition and honoring of outgoing Council Members may take place at a meeting or social function as follows:


1) Dinner held prior to the last Council Meeting of the calendar year.


2) A reception immediately following the last Council meeting of the year.


3) An extra Council Meeting prior to the end of the calendar year at which    outgoing Council Members may give their comments. A reception may    follow the meeting.


      At the beginning of the Induction Ceremony, outgoing Council Members will be invited to sit in their regular seats at the dais until the completion of the pledge of allegiance and the welcome.

      The Chair will ask outgoing Council Members to leave the dais together and take their reserved seats in the audience. The Chair will invite Council Members-Elect in order of Council district to stand at the podium to receive oath of office at which time the Council Member will take his/her seat at the dais. The program will continue as outlined.


      Outgoing Council Members shall notify staff in advance of the ceremony if a second seat should be reserved for a spouse or guest.


      Do Council Members approve of these policy changes?  All Council Members approved of the policy changes.  Councilmember Christensen suggested writing a letter to the Mayor indicating that this was the Council’s intent so that the Mayor was not taken off guard.  He said he did not want anyone to think it was political at the end regardless of the outcome of the election. 


2. Planning Items:

      Temporary Tents:  The Administration has indicated that they would like to further review the proposed Zoning Ordinance text changes relating to temporary tents.  The proposal may need to be reevaluated by the Planning Commission depending on the outcome of the Administration’s review.  If there is no objection from the Council we will place a motion accomplishing this on the next consent agenda.


      Walkable Communities & Transit Oriented Development:  In light of the recent consultation process involving the Planning Commission, Planning staff and Council staff with Frank Gray, the Planning Commission is requesting that the Walkable Communities and Transit Corridor issues be reevaluated.  In addition, given application of these concepts in the proposed Sugar House Business District rezoning area, the Planning Division is requesting an additional opportunity to reevaluate the rezoning proposal.  They are recommending that the Council address the height issues now rather than waiting for an additional review.  They will provide a new ordinance that deals with the height issues for Council consideration.


If there is no objection from the Council we will place a motion accomplishing these three actions on the next consent agenda.  Ms. Gust-Jenson said there were really four issues.  She said the issues were temporary tents, walkable communities, transit oriented development and the Sugarhouse Business District zoning.  She said they all had issues where the new Planning Director suggested that they be returned for additional review.  All Council Members were in favor of placing motions on the Consent Agenda to return these items for additional review. 


3. Legislative Action Item:  (Please see attached.)  Council Member Eric Jergensen would like to request that the Administration respond to a series of requests relative to historic preservation and the work of the Historic Landmarks Commission.  Would the Council support this request or would Council Members prefer to discuss this request further during a work session briefing?  All Council Members supported the request.  Councilmember Christensen said this item would be placed on next Tuesday night’s agenda.



B. Council Office Policies

C. For Your Information


1. Main Street Plaza Schedule:

     May 13, Tuesday - Set Date for hearing on Tuesday June 3

     May 20, Tuesday - Receive paperwork from the Administration; coordinate with the Administration to make the paperwork available to the public at that time.

     May 27, Tuesday – briefing

     May 29, Thursday – tentative, follow-up briefing

     June 3, Tuesday – Public Hearing (and possible follow-up briefing)

     June 5, Thursday – vote


2. Update on Staff Transition:  Staff Members have started to transition to their new assignments as indicated below.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we work on this transition.  If you have any concerns please let me or Gary know.


     Constituent Liaisons:

     Marge Harvey:  Districts 1, 2, 3 (+ housing, street and alley closures, etc.)

     Sylvia Jones:  District 4 (plus budget and policy analysis)

     Jan Aramaki:  Districts 5, 6 (Team leader, plus special improvement districts; also coordinates special projects)

     Lehua Weaver:  District 7 (will retain responsibilities for agenda management and coordination with front office; will also assist policy analysts with follow-up on pending Council action items)


     Front Office:

     Mary Mascaro:  Will begin employment on Monday, May 12.  (Scheduling, telephones, etc.)

     Vicki Pacheco:  Will perform some functions previously performed by constituent liaisons (make arrangements for and attend all district / community meetings scheduled by Council Members, layout newsletters and publications and arrange for printing) in addition to current duties that include telephones, catering and accounting.

     Ellie Hardman:  Duties will remain the same – mail scanning and management, filing, phones, etc.


     Other:

     Duties for policy analysts will remain the same. Sylvia’s focus there will result in a service level increase. In addition, Lehua will be assisting with the follow-up on action items.  Jan Aramaki and Marge Harvey will continue with their responsibilities for policy items for which they have been assigned.

     Janne Neilson will be in the office three days per week in May and will be working hourly from home on special projects in June.  Those projects include the electronic resource file and the orientation and policy manuals that are updated every election year.  As the budget and her time allow, she may be available to assist with newsletters.  We will coordinate on the available budget with the Chair & Vice Chair.