2003 Council Announcements

May 13, 2003


City Council Announcements

May 13, 2003



A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. VERIFIED RESPONSE ALARM PROGRAM - Attached is a response from the Police Department to several statements made by three representatives of alarm companies to Council Member Buhler about the City's verified response alarm program.  Are other Council Members interested in meeting with representatives of alarm companies either individually or in small groups?  Council Members said they were not interested in scheduling a meeting. Are Council Members interested in including the alarm program as one of the small audits in the next round of audits?  Council Members said they would like to include this with the next audit.


B. Council Office Policies

C. For Your Information

D. Upcoming Appointments (see attached goldenrod sheet)

E. Upcoming Agenda items (see attached goldenrod sheet)

F. Informational Mail items received (see attached goldenrod sheet)