2002 Council Announcements

May 7, 2002


City Council Announcements

May 7, 2002


I. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff



A. Outsourcing the Internal Audit Function – With the adoption of the biennial budget in June 2001, the Council decided to outsource the internal audit function.  Two vacant positions in the Office of Internal Audit were eliminated, and the other two positions were funded until December 2001.  The Council created a new revenue auditor position within the Department of Management Services for conducting audits of City revenue from other agencies or entities. 


The Council Office is in the process of finalizing the contract with the Deloitte & Touche CPA firm for annual financial audit service.  Because of favorable rates contained in this firm’s proposal, one option would be to add to the contract the option of outsourced internal audit work with written approval of the Council containing a specific not-to-exceed dollar amount for each audit.  This CPA firm has a separate division that specializes in outsourcing of internal audit services.  The firm is agreeable to do audits or special studies as assigned by the Council at the rates shown below.  The Council may desire that national specialists from the firm be used on particular project.  The hourly rates of national specialists are greater than the local rates, but the need of such national specialists and hourly rates would be mutually agreed upon before using the specialists. 


Adding this option to the financial audit contract would not limit the Council to only using this firm for outsourcing of internal audit, but it would leave this alternative open.  Are Council Members okay with including this option in the contract?  OK



Hourly Rate





Senior Associate









B.   Property Conveyances: Does the Council wish to hold any hearings?  NO


      1. A lease agreement for encroachments in the public right-of-way at 611-615 West 100 South. The building is being remodeled and the City is requiring installation of a ramp for ADA access as well as curbing separating the parking lot from the sidewalk. Compensation tendered is $350 for a five year term.


      2. Special Warranty Deed transfer pursuant to Industrial Revenue Bonds. The loan was actually paid off in 1987, however, the Trustee failed to bring it before the City at that time. The company now wishes to sell the property and the oversight was recognized. Compensation tendered is $100 as per the original agreement.


      3. The Road Home homeless shelter has received funding from the RDA to relocate the entrance to 500 West and add a wheelchair ramp. This should have a positive effect on pedestrian and vehicular activity in the Gateway area. The current entrance is on 200 South. Compensation tendered is $580 a year.


      C. Attached are the Agendas for the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Council Meeting and Workshop for April 26, 2002.  Also included are the Minutes for the March 22, 2002 Meeting and Workshop. The report is routine in nature.


If the Council wishes, a briefing on the Solid Waste Management Facility Council can be presented.


D.  Legislative Action Item: 

            Council Member Jill Love would like to request that the Administration reevaluate the Zoning Ordinance relating to the current Administrative Interpretation process and use definitions, standards and parking requirements in commercial zoning districts, specifically the Commercial Neighborhood zoning district.  Recently, Council Member Love has been working with residents, business owners and the Administration to address neighborhood issues relating to the Paris Restaurant/Bistro and the Liberty Heights Fresh Market.  It has become apparent that it would be helpful to reevaluate definitions, standards and parking requirements in the Zoning Ordinance that relate to small commercial areas.  Please see the attached Legislative Action for details.  Would the Council support this request or would the Council Members prefer to discuss this request further during a work session briefing?  Council Members were in favor of adopting a formal Legislative Action on the issue and then scheduling a formal briefing.  Council Members wanted the Administration and Planning Commission to study the issue before presenting it to the Council.


E. Transition to new Council District Boundaries:  Per the Council's instructions, staff has completed a number of steps toward transitioning to the new boundaries:


1.  Mailing to all property owners / residents who are in a new Council District has been completed.

2.  Mailing to all Community Council Chairs, including an additional copy of the map with District and Community Council boundaries has been completed.

3.  The Police Department and Community Action Teams are going to be observing the new boundaries.

4.  The Administration has worked on computer programs to update District-specific information.

5.  The boundaries for the mass mailing of newsletters and post cards have been updated with the mailing services.

6.  Public Utilities has updated its mailing service lists.


Staff now needs direction on how the Council Members would like to handle the issues that are still overlapping due to the boundary changes. Following is the policy for handling issues outside a Council Members' District.  Does the Council wish to follow this policy, or are updates needed?  Council Members wanted to be notified if another Councilmember was working on an issue in their district.  Ms. Gust-Jensen said staff could send a courtesy notification.




a.  Due to Council Members' roles as elected officials, constituents commonly contact Council Members to request their assistance in resolving issues and problems.

b.  There are instances when constituents contact a Council Member for assistance on an issue outside the Council Member's council district.

c.  When a Council Member is asked to assist a constituent on an issue outside that Council Member's district, the Member has two options:

      1.  refer the constituent to the Council Member who represents the constituent; or

      2. choose to assist the constituent and give a courtesy notification to the Council Member whose district the issue relates to as soon as is reasonably possible.


      G. Attached is the semi-annual report on Economic Development Corporation of Utah’s (EDCU) activities. EDCU’s action plan is also included. Does the Council wish a verbal briefing as well?  No discussion.


II. Meetings