2007 Council Announcements

March 27, 2007


City Council Announcements

March 27, 2007



A. Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    Council Member Simonsen would like to check in with Council Members regarding some ideas that have developed out of conversations with those most affected by pending redevelopment projects in the Sugar House Business District.  Council Member Simonsen would like feedback from the Council to determine if these ideas are worth pursuing. 


a.    While the architectural historic building survey in the Sugar House Business District is underway, establish a parallel process (that would take place during the same timeframe as the survey) to explore implementation options to provide protection for structures that are identified as contributing or significant by the survey.  The intent would be to a) identify preservation/conservation tools, options or incentives that could be implemented at the conclusion of the survey and b) reduce the customary implementation timeframe (which would generally not take place until after the conclusion of the survey).   Councilmember Turner suggested putting the issue on a future agenda for more discussion.  Councilmember Jergensen suggested having Planning participate in the discussion to streamline the process and avoid duplication.


b.    Examine City business, Economic Development and Redevelopment Agency programs currently in place to support small businesses to determine how to maximize relocation and other types of assistance.  For example, the potential economic impact from pending developments on the Granite block in Sugar House would affect approximately 60 existing businesses with a total of approximately $3,000,000 in relocation costs.  Council Member Simonsen has roughly estimated that relocation costs could range from $10,000 to $100,000.  Types of assistance could include a Main Street incentive-type program, expanded RDA relocation program, joint RDA staff and Economic Development staff assistance to individual businesses, and addressing relocation and construction impacts on existing businesses.  Councilmember Simonsen said a taskforce was working on these issues.  He said information would be coming to the Council over the next few months.  A majority of the Council was in favor of looking at ways to help.


c.    Creation of a Council subcommittee to address local merchant and small business owner issues not only in Sugar House but on a citywide basis.   The Council was in favor of creating a subcommittee.  Councilmember Turner said Ms. Gust-Jenson could get the names of those who wanted to participate and when the subcommittee could meet.  He said information would be included on future announcements.


Does the Council wish to express support for pursuing these ideas in further detail with the understanding that more information will be provided in the future?


Councilmember Saxton asked for clarification regarding UTA’s proposal regarding bus route changes.  She said she thought some type of letter was going to be generated showing Council support.  Ms. Gust-Jenson said at a previous meeting, the Council directed staff to work on the issue either in small groups or on an individual basis.  She said some Council Members had provided input which was being compiled.  Councilmember Saxton asked if the Council was willing to put together a letter now instead of handling the issue on an individual basis.  She said she wanted to see the Council united on this issue.  She said many constituents who were very familiar with the bus system where having a difficult time understanding all the proposed changes and what impacts would be.  She said she felt the direction UTA was going was devastating to the City as a whole.  Councilmember Love suggested submitting a letter requesting more time for evaluation/input.  Councilmember Turner said he would have Ms. Gust-Jenson poll Council Members and let Councilmember Saxton know what Council Members wanted to do.


B. For Your Information


1. Attached is a Grant application submitted by the City.


Grant Submission Update Memo

TO:   Sam Guevera, Steve Fawcett, Cindy Gust-Jenson

FROM: Grant Acquisition Team

DATE: 3/28/2007

SUBJECT:    Accident Investigations Grant

FUNDING AGENCY:   Utah Highway Safety Council


DEPARTMENT APPLYING:    Police Department

COLLABORATING AGENCIES:  Utah Highway Safety Council, Salt Lake City Police Department

DATE SUBMITTED:   March 22, 2007   


      Training                      Supplies                 Equipment


            Existing          New             Overtime Only       Requires Funding After Grant

      Match Required                       In Kind        Cash

      Computer Software Development            In House           Contract Services: 

      New Program (City not performing function now)


The Salt Lake City Police Department is seeking funding to receive accident investigation equipment and software in the amount of $15,000.  The equipment includes mapping software, pocket pc’s, cases and cameras.  This equipment will aid our accident investigators in responding to serious injury/fatal traffic accidents.  The squad encompasses 10 field response officers, 3 detective positions and one supervisor. 

The focus of this squad is to reduce traffic accidents through enforcement and investigation. Most of these accidents involve alcohol. 


The squad uses two systems to diagram and record accident scenes.  One system uses speed gun laser to plot points in a diagram.  The second uses a photo-grametry system to record the scene.  Both have benefits in different locations and weather conditions.  The equipment we are using was obtained through grant funding, and is reaching the end of its service life.  All of the equipment has been in use for at least five years.