2008 Council Announcements

March 18, 2008


Additional City Council Announcements

March 18, 2008


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff


1.    The Bing Kong Tong Association has invited all Council Members and their spouses to attend the Annual Chinese New Year Banquet Sunday, March 23rd beginning at 6 p.m. The banquet will be held at the Five Star Cuisine Restaurant at 3361 South Redwood Road in West Valley City.  The Council Office needs to respond back to Margaret Yee with the number of attendees.  Which Council Members (and spouses) will attend?

Councilmember Turner asked Council Member to let him know and would talk with Margaret Yee.


2.    Council staff drafted the attached letters from the Council Chair, returning donations to O.C. Tanner and Rocky Mountain Power.  These donations were made towards former Council Member Nancy Saxton’s Olympic Legacy Project and the funds need to be returned.

Do Council Members approve of the letters?


Ms. Gust-Jenson said she had received some budget priorities for Council.  She asked that Council Members give Jennifer changes or additions


Ms. Gust-Jenson said Human Resource had invited Council Members to attend the Orientation for new employees.  She said that was every two weeks on a Monday morning.  She asked if a small part of the video should be the City Council or would members like to share the meetings.  Council Members were in favor of sharing meetings.


March 18, 2008

City Council Announcements

March 18, 2008


Ms. Gust-Jenson asked Council Members if it was acceptable to state the April 1, 2008 City Council meeting early due to the full calendar.  All Council Members present were in favor of starting early.


Ms. Gust-Jenson said the April 15, 2008 meeting could be a tour of the Emergency Facilities as well as a tour of the North Temple light rail line proposals and that meeting would need to start early.  She said it would take approximately 2 to 21/2 hours.


Ms. Gust-Jenson said Public Utilities needed citizen names to be in the Riparian Corridor advisory group.  She said they need approximately 20 names.  She said the group could consist of people living along the corridor or people who have expertise.


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff


1.    The attached memo summarized Council Member individual budget priorities. If Council Members would like to add to or alter their priorities, please contact staff.  Staff will be transmitting these to the Administration as soon as possible.



DATE: March 18, 2008

TO:   City Council Members

FROM: Jennifer Bruno, Budget & Policy Analyst

RE:   Council Budget Priorities


This memo summarizes Council Members individual budget priorities.  If Council Members would like to change or add to their priorities, please contact staff.  Staff will plan to send these to the Administration by April 1.


Council Member Christensen

     Planning for the Folsom Street/900 S corridors

     Completion of the Jordan River Parkway, north of Rose Park Golf Course

     Emergency management resources

     Electronic Waste Recycling (Ongoing drop off location – probably at the Landfill)

     Any additional resources needed to finish the NW Quadrant Master plan


Council Member Garrott

     Downtown – pedestrian improvements and bikeways

     Transportation – downtown circulator

     Environment –

o     Incentives for green building

o     Recycling program expansion, incentives

     Public Safety – additional staff in Police and Fire (maintaining four-handed crews)


Council Member Jergensen

     Creation of City General Plan (some refer to this as the Sustainability Plan) and updating of relevant Master Plans.

     Strengthening of City's Planning staff and Boards/Commissions (training, additional personnel, etc.) to more clearly follow procedural and intent expectations of the Council and community.

     Creation of a downtown circulator transportation system (possibly explore this idea in conjunction with RDA) to decrease downtown congestion.

     NW Quadrant including exploration of incentives/programs to allow families to purchase homes in SLC - keep families in SLC.

     Funding CERT training and exploring ways to promote CERT training and neighborhood/individual Emergency Preparedness


Council Member Love

     Additional police

     Additional planning staff

     Salary adjustments as needed for Planning Director (attraction/retention)

     Transportation projects - Downtown circulator and completion of Sugarhouse rail spur

     CIP funding for the Tracy Aviary


Council Member Martin

     Incentives ($ or other) for expanded recycling services

     Street replacement/rebuilding in District 6


Council Member Simonsen

     East Bench Master Plan needs updating. Possibly need consultant. 

     Need to address urban design/design capabilities on our planning staff. 

     Follow up on our last budget opening request to expand recycling bins in commercial districts beyond Downtown and Sugar House. 

     Master plan and design (possibly need consultant) for the Folsom Street /City Creek trail corridor from Gateway to the Jordan River. 

     Possible funding/staffing to address transportation security/air quality/peak oil issues. 


Council Member Turner

     Additional budget for emergency preparedness (including additional staff for CERT training/community coordination, AND budget for community emergency materials)

     North Temple Light Rail improvements

     Planning the Northwest Quadrant

     Development of Downtown Cultural District


The following was provided previously.  It is provided again for reference.


This memo pertains to the Council’s recently discussed top priorities, and possible budget implications they may have. 


The Council may wish to identify individual top priorities in order to communicate these to the Administration as they put together their budget recommendations.  The Chair and Vice Chair of the Council have recommended that each Council Member choose 4 top budget priorities.  These would be due by the March 13th Council Meeting, as the Administration is already well underway with their budget preparations.


The following were the areas of interest that were identified by the Council during their recent annual retreat – staff has listed example items below these priorities, that have been discussed by the Council previously that may have budget implications:


     Planning

o     Master plan updates (possible use of consultants)

o     Riparian and Conditional Use Ordinances (use of consultant)

o     Northwest Quadrant

     Downtown

o     Historic Preservation incentives

o     Development of cultural district/incentives

o     Pedestrian improvements

     Transportation

o     North Temple Improvements

o     Other Light Rail issues

o     Trail development (Daylighting City Creek, Jordan River, etc)

o     Downtown circulator

     Environment

o     Incentives for green building (possible fee reductions, expedited permitting, etc)

o     Recycling program expansion, incentives

o     Parley’s Historic Nature Park (possible use of consultant)

     Small Business Issues

o     Historic Preservation incentives

o     Encouraging Neighborhood business

     Emergency Preparedness

o     Additional staff in Police and Fire

o     Additional staff for CERT training/community coordination

o     Budget for community emergency materials