2008 Council Announcements

March 13, 2008


City Council Announcements

March 13, 2008 Additional Announcements not held



A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    Which Council Members are planning on attending the ULCT Midyear Conference?  Council Members Christensen, Love,  and Martin would be attending.


Utah League of Cities & Towns Midyear Conference

April 9 – 11, 2008

Dixie Center – St. George, Utah



2.    Economic Development Events:

     Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. and The Downtown Alliance each are sponsoring two events later in March that may provide a well-drawn picture of Utah’s and Salt Lake City’s economies and development potential.

     The first event is The Governor’s Utah Economic Summit. The event will be held March 20 from 7 a.m. to roughly 4 p.m. at the Grand America Hotel. Staff has attached a schedule of events, but one of the first events at a 9 a.m. breakout session is “Redevelopment of Downtown Salt Lake and Mixed-Use Development in Utah.” The opening session will include presentations by economists Kelly Mathews and Jeff Thredgold and a keynote address by Sandy K. Barusch, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development.

     The cost for the event is $150 per person, but a promotional code (PC50) entered during on-line registration is intended to cut $50 from the cost. A representative of event co-sponsor Media One said the promotion will last through March 14.

     The second even is The Downtown Alliance’s Downtown Economic Forum. The forum will be held March 26 starting at 7:30 a.m. on the 23rd Floor of the Wells Fargo Building, 299 south Main Street. The key presentation will be the 2008 Downtown Benchmarks Report by Jim Wood of the University of Utah Bureau of Economic and Business Research. The report has a number of statistics about employment and business and residential growth downtown that is very useful information. Mayor Becker is scheduled to make the welcome address, and Gov. Huntsman is scheduled as a special guest. Bruce Bingham, Jake Boyer, Mark Gibbons, and Prescott Muir also are scheduled to make presentations. The cost per person is $20. (See attachment)  Jennifer Bruno asked the Council to get back to staff by tomorrow if they wanted to attend either event.


3.    Budget Priorities (if Council Members would like to discuss).


Cindy Gust-Jenson said some Council Members were interested in going on a Public Market Tour.  She said the Downtown Alliance was happy to do it whenever.  She said the Transportation and Mobility Subcommittee has not met yet.  She said she tried to list some date options.  Council Members suggested Thursday, April 3rd at noon. For the Transportation and Mobility Subcommittee.  Council Members Jergensen and Simonsen can attend on Monday, March 24th at 4:00.  She said Council Members Martin and Garrott could not attend that day. 


B. For Your Information

1.    Attached are Grant Submissions submitted by the City. 

Grant Submission Update Memo

TO:   Dave Everitt, Lyn Creswell, Cindy Gust-Jenson

FROM: Grant Acquisition Team

DATE: 3/14/2008

SUBJECT:  Salt Lake City Foundation

FUNDING AGENCY: Utah Arts Council  


DEPARTMENT APPLYING:    Public Services, Youth City Artways Imagination Celebration

COLLABORATING AGENCIES:  Salt Lake City School District (Highland High School)

DATE SUBMITTED:   February 28, 2008


      Technical Assistance (Training)           Equipment Only

      Provides       FTE Position(s)

            Existing          New             Overtime            Requires Funding After Grant


      Match Required:  100%                In Kind        Cash

      Computer Software Development            In House           Contract Services  

      New Program (City not performing function now)



The arts learning goals of the 21st Century Play Series for the IC 2008/2009 season school year are to provide a second developmental workshop for Bread and Roses, a new musical by Elise Forier and Tina Lear at Highland High School, and to present the second production of a new adaptation by Matt Omasta of Lois Lowry’s novel Gathering Blue. Our objective is to engage 1200 students and teachers as cast, crew, and audience members in the conception of new possibilities for fusing narrative and dramatic literature in their own writing and the novels and performances they experience and to help them better understand the process of developing plays, adapting literature to the stage, and creating musicals.