2008 Council Announcements

January 22, 2008


City Council Announcements

January 22, 2008



A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    City Council Members,

According to current state law, a City Council Member along with a designee from the City Engineer and Treasurer’s Office have been designated as participating members of the Board of Equalization and Review.  


On August 28-30, 2007, for Sidewalk Replacement SID No. 102119 (located in District Six), Council Members Christensen, and Jergensen and former Council Member Saxton covered one night to serve on the Board of Equalization Review. 


Council staff was recently contacted by the Administration that there is an upcoming Board of Equalization and Review for Job No. 102136 Sidewalk Replacement Special Improvement District located in Council Districts Five and Seven. The outlining boundaries of this district include:


1300 South (south side only) to 1700 South (north side only) from 700 East (east side only) to 1100 East (both sides) Both sides of 900 East and 1100 East from 1700 South to 2100 South


The Board of Equalization and Review will meet in the first floor conference room at 349 S 200 E on the following dates:


Tuesday, April 29th                3-4 pm

Wednesday, April 30                 5-6 pm

Thursday, May 1                    6-7 pm

How does the City Council wish to cover these meetings?   Ms. Gust-Jenson said the Council had previously decided to rotate attendance.  She said Council Members Christensen and Jergensen had already served.  Councilmember Love said she would attend April 29th.  Council Members Turner and Martin said they would attend the other dates.  Councilmember Love said more discussion was probably needed on the issue.



2.    Council Members,

The School Board Subcommittee consisting of Council Members Jergensen, Love and Simonsen is scheduled to meet with the School Board Member subcommittee members on either February 8th or 15th (Council staff is waiting to confirm date/time with the School Board).  One agenda item that has been suggested by Council Member Simonsen is:  School District’s plans for the future use of the Rosslyn Heights Elementary School location -- are there other agenda topics the City Council Members would like to include?  Ms. Gust-Jenson said the Council needed to let staff know if there were other issues they wanted to put on the agenda.  She said the Council needed to be aware it can take up to 2 ½ months to set up these meetings. 


3.    Council Members,

Administrative staff and Council staff have prepared a Scope of Work for the Human Resource Audit RFP.  A draft was forwarded to Council Members and Council Members-Elect on December 26, 2007 for your comments. 
Are Council Members comfortable with Council staff preparing a letter from the Chair which will be sent to the auditors currently under contract, inviting them to respond to the Human Resource Audit RFP?  The majority of the Council was in favor of moving forward.


Additional Discussion: 


      1.    Ms. Gust-Jenson asked if the Council could start the retreat at 3:00 p.m.  The majority of the Council was in favor.  Ms. Gust-Jenson said Councilmember Jergensen might have a conflict and the retreat would need to be rescheduled for another day.  Councilmember Love said if Council Members did not hear back from the Chair, the retreat would be held on the 29th at 3:00 p.m.


      2.    Ms. Gust-Jenson said staff needed to confirm who was attending the Utah League Luncheon at the Grand America at 11:30 a.m.  Council Members Love, Turner, Jergensen and Martin were a yes.  Uncertain regarding other Council Members.