2008 Council Announcements

January 15, 2008


Additional City Council Announcements

January 15, 2008



A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    Need to set up a Compatible Infill Subcommittee meeting ASAP. The Council needs to decide who will be on this committee.


Council Members Love, Jergensen and Garrott will form the Subcommittee.


2.    At the beginning of each calendar year, Council Members are provided a $3700 budget to use for communication/outreach efforts in each District (copy of Council’s policy relating to communication budget is attached).   In years past, Council Members have utilized the Public Utilities monthly mailing by inserting a District newsletter, 8-1/2 x 11 double sided, for their constituents (as one of their options for outreach communication).  The newsletter will reach the homes of anyone in the Council Members’ district that receives a public utility bill. (Please note the utility bills arrive at various times throughout the month.)  The communication budget will cover printing costs only (no postage costs associated since newsletter is included in the Public Utility mailing).  The Public Utilities Department will commonly identify a couple of months each calendar year for Council Members to include a newsletter; however, this year there are three months set aside for Council Members:  February, September and November – (note:  only three Council District newsletters per month are permitted as an insert to ensure that newsletters are sent to the proper districts without confusion). 

With February approaching as one of the designated months for a newsletter insert, if all Council Members wish to utilize the Public Utilities mailing option, is there a Council Member interested in publishing a newsletter for February? 

Attached is a cost comparison on other mailing options for the Council Members’ consideration.  Council staff would appreciate direction from the Council if there are Council Members who wish to pursue a newsletter for February (Council staff’s deadline to compile and layout information is January 23, 2008 in order to allow sufficient time for printing and mailing deadlines).


Councilmember Simonsen will send a newsletter in February.


3.    The old 29th Ward Meeting House located at 1100 West 500 North was recently given to the City from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints located at 1100 West 500 North.  The Planning Division is applying for a preservation grant to analyze the building for reuse, but the amount involved would not accomplish much and more comprehensive work would be required at a later point in time.  Would the Council support a pre-approval of the grant, if awarded, and is there support for the City to match it or consider funding a more complete study?


All Council Members were in support of funding for $30,000.


January 15, 2008

City Council Announcements

January 15, 2008


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    The National League of Cities Annual Congressional City Conference will be held Monday thru Wednesday, March 10-12, 2008 in Washington DC.  Early registration and housing requests dead line is February 4, 2008.  Are any Council Members interested in attending this conference?


Council Members Love and Martin will attend the conference.


2.    A schedule of Council Meeting dates is attached; Tuesday November 11, 2008 is Veteran’s Day and is a National Holiday would the Council like to hold a meeting on Thursday November 13, 2008?


This issue was deferred to a future date.