2007 Council Announcements

February 22, 2007


City Council Announcements

February 22, 2007


1.    Request regarding a Non-Discrimination Ordinance.                      Councilmember Saxton would like to request the Council’s support on turning the non-discrimination Executive Order into Ordinance (See attached for a copy of the Executive Order language.)  Councilmember Turner said he spoke with individual Council Members who were in agreement to move the request forward.  He said he did not believe a public hearing was needed.  He said he and the Vice Chair suggested putting the issue on the March 6, 2007 agenda and instruct the Attorney’s Office to draft the language.


2.    National League of Cities.                                                          Ms. Gust-Jenson said she wanted to add this issue.  She said Council Members Christensen, Turner and Simonsen indicated they may attend.  Councilmember Christensen said he felt someone needed to attend with D.J and he preferred to have another Councilmember attend.  Councilmember Turner said he would let staff know tomorrow if he or Councilmember Simonsen would attend.


RESPONSIBLE CITY AGENCY: Human Resource Management Division

KEYWORDS: working conditions, hiring, training, promoting, equity, fairness, race, color, age, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, disability, benefit plan, employment practices.


The Salt Lake City Code Chapter 2.53 requires that Employment decisions and practices in Salt Lake City’s classified career service and civil service system shall be based on job-related criteria.” It further defines ‘job-related criteria” as ‘those criteria necessary or desirable to perform successfully the job held or sought.” The ordinance also specifies that ‘the status of having a lifestyle which is irrelevant to successful job performance” and the status of being in or outside an adult interpersonal relationship or family relationship” are not “job-related criteria and shall not be used as a basis for an employment decision or disciplinary action.”

The following is intended to state clearly, in part, this Administration’s interpretation of the above referenced ordinance, and to provide direction to supervisory employees as to its application. It should not be construed as conflicting with or superceding city ordinance or state or federal employment law.

1. General

1.1 Salt Lake City Corporation employees shall not discriminate against an otherwise qualified employee or applicant based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability.

1.2 City supervisors shall make good faith efforts to ensure equity and fairness related to employee hiring, training, promoting, and working conditions, and all City employees will be held accountable for maintaining a productive, nondiscriminatory work environment.

1.3 If they believe they have been victims of discrimination under this Order, under City Policy, or under Federal guidelines, employees may file grievances with the City Compliance Officer in Human Resources. Complaints will be promptly investigated. The complainant will be notified as soon as possible regarding the disposition of the complaint.

1.4 This Executive Order applies to the management of administrative employees. It is intended to assist in the administration and implementation of, but not to supersede, applicable City ordinances. It is not to be construed as altering the terms and conditions of employment as adopted by City ordinance, collective bargaining memoranda of understanding, or city compensation plans.

CURRENT REFERENCES: SLCC 2.53 Salt Lake City Policy 3.01.01

EFFECTIVE DATE: April 5, 2000

UPDATED: April 4, 2001

Mayor’s Signature: