2004 Council Announcements

February 17, 2004


City Council Announcements

February 17, 2004



A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. Association of Municipal Councils


Traditionally the Salt Lake City Council has a representative on the Board of the Association of Municipal Councils.  Currently there is no one filling this position. The Board meets on Saturday mornings, usually at 8:00 am. The next meeting is this Saturday, February 21, 8:00 am, at the South Salt Lake Council Offices, 2nd floor of the municipal building, 220 East Morris Ave.


Are any Council Members interested in serving on this Board? Attached are meeting notes from meetings held October 11 and September 13, 2003.


  Councilmember Love asked staff to let Council Members know the meeting schedule ahead of time and Council Members could choose to or not to attend.   Council Members were in favor of looking at the scheduled meetings in March.


2. During a recent seminar, Council staff members received an update from the State Tax Commission regarding the Streamlined Sales Tax Project.  This is a nationwide effort by state governments to simplify and modernize sales and use tax collection and administration systems for all types of commerce (including e-commerce).  Forty-two states, including Utah, are participating in this project, and the sales tax changes go into effect July 1, 2004.  (See attachment.)


      Members of the Mayor’s administration also attended this seminar.  Are Council Members interested in receiving an update from the Administration during a Work Session about what potential impact this project could have on City revenue?

Councilmember Saxton said she would be interested in the final calculations.  She said this could be done with E-Mail.  All other Council Members were interested in any written information at this time.


B. For Your Information


1. Sidewalk Artists and Entertainers Public Meeting


      Council staff has enclosed a summary of a public meeting held February 4 to discuss a proposed ordinance to regulate sidewalk artists and entertainers. The summary includes attachments provided by the Administration at the meeting.



2. Attached is a notification of a grant application that the city recently submitted.