2000 Council Announcements

August 8, 2000


City Council Announcements

August 8, 2000


A.    A.   Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    STREET EXCAVATION/ RESTORATION:  Interest has been expressed in forming a Council subcommittee regarding the proposed street excavation/restoration fee.  Council Member Saxton is interested in  serving on the subcommittee.  Does the Council wish to form a Street Excavation/Restoration Subcommittee?  If so, who  would like to serve on the subcommittee?


A: The Council wanted to have industries submit recommendations before a subcommittee was formed.


2.    PROPERTY CONVEYANCES:  Council Members had questions regarding conveyances (below) from the August 3 meeting.  Questions and answers are noted in bold. Do Council Members wish to hold a hearing on any of these conveyances?


A.    Switch & Data Facilities Company is proposing the installation of two vaults for shared infrastructure facilities.  The vaults will be shared by AT&T, MCI, and Nextlink. There will be an annual compensation of $350 for 10 years.  The vaults will be located on the west side of 2nd East (north of Social Hall Ave.). The construction will have the most impact on pedestrian traffic, construction will occur near the curb.  Q: Are the vaults above or below ground?  A: The vaults will be below ground, with an access door flush with the ground.


B.    TCI Cablevision of Utah, Inc to enter into two Easement Agreements with SL City for locations of NE Corner of Popperton Park and the SW Corner of a Public Utilities Conduit site (1784 W. 400 N.). Both sites will have a telecommunications cabinet placed at a corner of the parcel.  This easement will allow for installation of additional telecommunication facilities for the area. The compensation is a one time amount of  $1000 p/parcel. Q: Will the cabinets be above or below ground?  A:  The cabinets will be above ground.  Note: Council staff has requested Property Management to contact the community council nearest to Popperton Park of the conveyance.  This is at the request of Council Member Rogan.  


A: Councilmember Rogan asked that this be followed up on.


C.    Q: How are the rates determined? A:  Council staff is working with Property Management to provide an explanation and/or paperwork to explain what determines the amount to be compensated.  Information will be available the day of the Council Meeting. 


A: Cindy wants to review the information with Rocky Fluhart