2006 Council Announcements

August 3, 2006


Council Announcements

August 3, 2006


1.    Legislative Action Item:  (Please see attached)  Council Member Søren Simonsen would like to request that the Administration reevaluate current zoning regulations in the Sugar House Business District and the surrounding area to determine, at a minimum, the feasibility of implementing modifications with regard to historic preservation of residential and business properties and tools to put in place that would protect affordability and sustainability.  Policies in the Sugar House Master Plan support refinement of the business district zoning in order to enhance transit/pedestrian friendly development patterns that exist in the District, increase residential densities, implement design review, preservation of the community’s historic properties, both commercial and residential, and ensuring that new design respects the community’s historic development and architectural patterns. The focus of this project would encompass the area generally located within the SHBD1 and SHBD2 zoning areas adopted in December 2005. The intent of this request is to proactively implement actions necessary to ensure preservation of the unique character of the Sugar House area.

Would the Council support this Legislative Action or would Council Members prefer to discuss this item further in a Work Session briefing?  Councilmember Buhler said the Council had not had time to review the memo and suggested forwarding the issue to a future Work Session meeting for a briefing.  Councilmember Simonson said he wanted to identify a timeframe.  Councilmember Buhler said he thought the issue could be scheduled sometime in September.


2. Expense Review Committee: The Council should select a person to be a member of this committee.  The Council should also suggest an additional person that will be the 3rd member of the committee. Does the Council have any suggestions?  Councilmember Buhler said if a Council Member wanted to be on the committee, that would be fine but he suggested having Gary Mumford serve on the committee.  He said if Ms. Gust-Jenson determined that would not work, she could assign another staff member.