2007 Council Announcements

August 21, 2007


City Council Announcements

August 21, 2007


A. Information Needed by Council Staff


1.    Attached is a draft of the Budget Book message from the Chair of the Council.  Does the Council have any changes or suggestions, or is the Council ok with using this draft?  I couldn’t tell whether this was addressed or not.


Additional City Council Announcements

August 21, 2007


Leonardo Status:


Consultant to review business plan -- two firms have been contacted to submit proposals and are interested in providing the service.

  A.  They will review the business plan and offer recommendations and an evaluation. They wil not serve the function of a 'debt review committee.'

  B.  The scope of services will be sent out to the two firms as early as next week, after review by Leonardo, the Administration and the Council.  It will be ready for review later this week.

-- Leonardo, Administration and Council staff representatives will meet with the City's Bond Counsel and Financial Advisor in the next few days.


Legal Counsel:


Several Council Members have expressed concern about issues relating to absentee landlords and neighborhood nuisance issues. Does the Council approve asking legal counsel to focus on this?  Yes!  Would a small group of Council Members like to meet with legal counsel to discuss ideas previously raised?  Council Members Turner, Jergensen and Saxton.