2009 Council Announcements

September 8, 2009


City Council Announcements

September 8, 2009

Council Members,


Council Member Martin has obtained a scholarship from UTA for registration fees associated with the Railvolution Conference in Boston on October 29-November 1, 2009.  UTA will cover the registration fee for the conference, if the City can pay for Council Member Martin’s flight, hotel and per diem. 


As this is not a regularly paid for conference (as outlined in Council policy), the full Council needs to grant approval in order for the Council Office budget to cover this cost.  Is the Council ok with the Council Office budget covering this cost?  Mr. Rutan said maybe the Mayor could do a waiver because this could be considered a gift.  Councilmember Love said they needed to be consistent and there were a lot of things that needed to be addressed in the ethics ordinance.  She said if Councilmember Martin wants to go to the conference let the City send him, not UTA.  Councilmember Garrott said the waiver could be worked out later and if the City would pay for the rest.   Council Members were in favor of letting Councilmember Martin attend the conference.