2002 Council Announcements

September 17, 2002


City Council Announcements

September 17, 2002



A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. Contacting Council Members

1)    1)    For the day-to-day questions and information, please review the attached chart to ensure that we are following the best procedure for contacting you.

2)    2)    For the occasional letters from the Chair or from the full Council, please let us know how it is best to gain your feedback and approval. There are several questions we have to ensure that we are doing this in the best way for you.

So far, this has been our practice for sending draft letters:


 Cindy Gust-Jenson reviewed contact information with the Council

      Carlton - email...........second choice- his cell phone

      Van - phone review...............ok

      Eric - fax to work...............ok

      Nancy - fax to B&B..................call the Bed and Breakfast prior to sending fax      Jill - email................ok

      Dave -email (when needed)...................second choice- his work phone

      Dale - fax to work................ok


          Are these the most effective ways to contact you for letter review?

     If we need to have your feedback by a certain time, can the liaisons or front office staff call to notify you about the letter?

     On routine thank you letters, do you want to be contacted, or are we safe to assume that there are no objections if we do not hear back within three days?
Council Members said they did not need to review each routine thank you letters


2. Property Conveyance: Property adjacent to Mick Riley Golf Course is in dispute. The exchange of property with an additional $10,976 to the City has been negotiated to clear up the dispute. The land is currently used by the County and no negative impacts are anticipated.

   Council Members said a hearing would not be required on this Conveyance

B. Council Office Policies


C. For Your Information


D. Meetings   


Additional City Council Announcements

September 17, 2002


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    Salt Lake County Council of Governments Association Board Carlton attends the COG Association meetings. Some topics that are discussed are Economic Development, Open Lands, Western Transportation Corridor, taxation issues, school issues, etc. Generally, meetings are held on Saturday mornings once per month approximately eight months out of the year. Is another Council Member interested in taking up this responsibility?

Councilmember Eric Jergensen replaced Councilmember Carlton Christensen as the representative of Salt Lake City in the Association


2.    Letter from Jena Burt regarding Sidewalk Vending Last week, Jena Burt of District 2 dropped off letters for each Council Member. Please see your letter, attached.

Council Members asked Council staff to write a response letter from the body as a whole.  They asked for the information she requested, be included with the letter


3.    UTA Memo



B. Council Office Policies


C. For Your Information                Additional Items Discussed


Cindy Gust-Jenson asked if Council would be interested in a Resolution supporting the Leaseback Program scheduled on the ballot for Constitutional Amendment?  Council Members said they should remain neutral on Constitutional Amendment items


Ms. Gust-Jenson updated Council on hiring a consultant for the Walk-able Communities concept.  She said Frank Gray had worked with the City on several other projects.  She asked if Council would like to consider hiring him, or put this project out for bid.  A discussion was held.  Council Members approved hiring Frank Gray as the consultant for the Walk-able



1.    Northwest Quad The field trip of the Northwest Quadrant is being planned for Monday, September 30th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (This does not include travel time to and from the location in the northwest.) Would Council Members be interested in participating on this field trip?

Lehua Weaver of Council staff will follow up with each Council Member individually