2006 Council Announcements

November 14, 2006


City Council Announcements

November 14, 2006


A. Information Needed by Council Staff


1.    Given the volume of meetings requested with Council Members, and in keeping with a previous discussion with the Council, we are asking those who make requests for meetings with all of the Council on an individual basis:


A. Whether the topic would be suitable for scheduling on a briefing session. 


B. Whether a telephone call would be helpful in those cases where schedules of those requesting the meeting and the schedules of one or more Council Members don't match up.


All Council Members said telephone calls/conferences were helpful.  Councilmember Christensen suggested using a conference service.  He said the State might have a contract in place.


C.  Whether there is some written material available that can be shared with Council Members along with the meeting request.


      All meeting requests are forwarded to the Council Members, we simply make extra effort to explore options with those requesting meetings.


      Council staff wanted to check in to see whether the Council Members feel this approach is working, and whether there are other steps that Council Members would like staff to take to assist with the volume.


2.    Citywide Requirement for Consultants to Obtain Increased Professional Liability Insurance Coverage - The City Attorney's Office recently increase the insurance requirement for consultants from $1 million of professional liability coverage to $2 million. Council staff's understanding is that the governmental immunity limit has increased by formula to be greater than $1 million and will be $2 million as of July 1, 2007. Current consultants are impacted because of boiler-plate language in the city's contracts that requires current consultants to obtain the additional insurance if the governmental immunity limit increases. One of the Council's consultants indicated that he has not seen this type of requirement from any other city.  He said that the cost to increase the coverage will be $10,000. As a separate branch of government, the Council can waive the increased insurance requirement for the Council's consultants. Does the Council wish to waive the increased insurance amount for Council contracted consultants that are only giving advice and recommendations? (Note: The Council's annual financial auditors currently meet the higher insurance requirement.)


      The Council may also wish to discuss with the City Attorney whether the requirement for increased insurance coverage is necessary for all contracts given the fact that many consultants give only advice. The increased insurance requirement may have a significant citywide financial impact.


All Council Members were in favor of waiving the higher fee.   Mr. Rutan said he was comfortable with waiving the fee.


3. The Council office has received the Quarterly Housing Report for the First Quarter, FY 2006-2007. Would the Council like to request a briefing?


Additional Announcements

November 14, 2006


A. Information Needed by Council Staff


1.    Earlier this fall the City’s legislative consultant suggested that the City Council hold its annual breakfast with Salt Lake City legislators before January.  In discussing the idea further the Council Legislative Subcommittee suggested the first week in December as a good time to hold the breakfast. After discussion between staff and the City Council Chair it appears that Thursday, December 7, is the preferred date for the breakfast, with December 5 or December 6 as possible alternatives.


Most Council Members were in favor of December 7, 2006.  Councilmember Love suggested holding the annual breakfast at the Library on the 4th floor.  Councilmember Buhler said parking should be provided and mentioned on the invitation.



Ms. Gust-Jenson said the Housing Policy Sub-committee had finished the document and would like to share it with the community and others before coming to the City Council.  She said Ms. Jardine would mail the document if the Council was willing and a briefing would be held for the Council on December 5, 2006.


All Council Members were in favor of moving the issue forward.  Councilmember Simonsen said the Housing Policy should be shared with the community.