2000 Council Announcements

May 2, 2000


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City Council Announcements

May 2, 2000


Note:  Council Members did not discuss these items until the May 4 meeting.


A.    Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    PROPERTY CONVEYANCES:  Does the Council wish to hold a hearing on any of the conveyances listed below.

a.    250 West and 118th South:  This agreement is a like kind exchange of property between the City and Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It will establish the centerline of the property to be 20 feet on each side instead of 10 ft on one side and 30 feet on the other side.  This conveyance will leave the City in neutral position with the developer of the abutting property.  (This property is located in the south end of the valley near the Jordan and Salt Lake Canal.)


b.    First Avenue, South Temple, and 400 East:  This is a Telecommunications Right-of way Lease to connect facilities of LDS Business College.  The Lease will cover aerial encroachments on First Avenue, 400 East and South Temple.  It will also cover subsurface encroachment (bored) on State Street.  Impact on traffic should be minimal.  The lessee is working with the City to meet requirements set in the Excavation Ordinance.  There will be an annual compensation of $350.   


c.    1251 E. Wilmington Avenue:  This is a Quit Claim Deed between the City and TCI Cablevision of Utah, Inc.  It is a small parcel of land comprising of 1,423 square feet.  The conveyance will square off irregular land boundaries and will not affect Hidden Hollow Nature Park.  This property has been declared as surplus property by the Planning Commission. Compensation tendered is $9,600.


d.    863 South 200 West:  This is a Quit Claim Deed between the City and RDA.  The parcel of land is 4,356 square feet and is situated between a duplex income property to the north and a warehouse property to the south. The Planning Commission has declared this property as surplus.  Weeds and illegal dumping have been a problem in the past.  RDA will better care for the property and could be used in a future neighborhood revitalization project.  Compensation tendered is $23,000.


2.    STREET RECONSTRUCTION PROJECTS (reprinted):  In 1998 the Council Office received agenda paperwork from the Administration regarding reconstruction of South Temple from Main Street to Virginia Avenue.  At the time, Council Member Rogan had concerns regarding the reconstruction project.  Earlier this month the Council Office received agenda paperwork from the Administration regarding a reconstruction project on 1300 South (1700 E to Foothill).  Council Member Dave Buhler has similar concerns as those relating to the South Temple project.  In both cases, the Council  Members requested additional language be included in the Interlocal Agreement.  Below is draft language similar to that included in these two Interlocal Agreements.  Please let staff know if the Council is interested in requesting that similar language be included with the paperwork for all major reconstruction projects.


(Contractor) and the City agree that the following will be addressed in this reconstruction project:


Complete a traffic analysis to determine the traffic impacts of street and lane closures and detours.  The study boundaries shall extend from (?) to (?).  The study shall include the following tasks as a minimum:

1.    Collection of available traffic count data from UDOT and Salt Lake City.  Summarize existing daily traffic volumes and turning movements.  Any new traffic count data needed to consider construction impacts will be collected by the Salt Lake City Transportation Division.

2.    Coordinate with the traffic analysis teams of other major construction efforts in the immediate area to determine the combined impacts of concurrent construction.

3.    Develop a maximum of three potential construction scenarios.  Redistribute the existing daily and hourly peak traffic volumes based upon each scenario.

4.    Evaluate the construction traffic impacts by comparing operating conditions before and during construction at key intersections within the study area.

5.    Identify detour routes and measures to minimize construction traffic impacts in residential neighborhoods and near schools.  Determine costs of construction traffic mitigation measures.

6.    Prepare a construction traffic impact study report presenting the data, analysis, recommendations and implementation costs associated with the recommended plan.  Incorporate approved mitigation measures into the traffic control plan and special provisions.


B.    Council Office Policies


C.    For Your Information


1.    STREET EXCAVATION/RESTORATION STUDY - EXTENSION OF PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: On March 7, 2000, the Council received a briefing on a study supporting excavation/restoration fees.  The Council requested there be a 30-day public comment period to allow utility companies to provide input.  The Engineering Division forwarded a list of questions from representatives of utility companies to the consultant for written responses.  The utility companies also requested to review the raw data that support the study.  The Consultant provided copies of the raw data, which have been distributed to utility companies.  The City Engineer has extended the public comment period to allow utility companies to receive written answers to their questions and to analyze the raw data supporting the study.  The City Engineer will keep the Council Office posted.


D.    Meetings   


Grand Mall Subcommittee

May 2 at 3:30 p.m.