2006 Council Announcements

March 14, 2006


City Council Announcements

March 14, 2006


A. Information Needed by Staff


1.    On February 23rd, the Council had an announcement about the Salt Lake Community Action Program request to shift funds from one line item to another.  Council Members had two clarification questions, the following are the answers, provided by LuAnn Clark:


1)  Does the request make us run up against the 17% public services limit because the other line item was more infrastructure related?  Answer: HOPWA does not have the same public service limits. The CDBG limit for public service is 15%.


2) How much have these requests been, that is causing them to ask for this line item change?  Answer: The number of people asking for services has remained fairly consistent the change is in the type of service being requested.  They are seeing more people asking for mortgage and utility assistance rather than just for rent.  That is the difference between tenant based rental assistance and the short term mortgage/utilities assistance. 


Are Council Members ok with this request?  No Council Members had any objections. 


Ms Gust-Jenson said Janice Jardine needed some clarification on the motion that was approved last week on the noncomforming/noncomplying.  She said they were trying to clarify the motion so that Planning was clearer.  She asked the Council to take a look at the motion and let Ms. Jardine know if she had captured everything.


She said the other item was something that Cindy Cromar mentioned briefly in her comments.  She said the TC-75 zoning on the 400 South did not include the setback requirement that they first thought it did when development abuts the residential area.  She said they were thinking it was a clerical mistake and they were going back to work with Planning on it.  She said hopefully they could process it as a housekeeping matter as opposed to going back through the process because they felt they had adequate documentation to do that.