2003 Council Announcements

June 5, 2003


City Council Announcements

June 5, 2003



A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. Camp Kostopulos:  Attached is LeRoy Hooton’s response to the following questions regarding the property lease for Camp Kostopulos.

     What purpose does the property serve the resident of Salt Lake City?

     Why does the City want to hold onto this property?

     Does the Department of Public Utilities have any plans for the future use of this property?

     Has there been a resent evaluation of the property or do you know its approximate value?

     Is the City going to use this property in the future? 

     If the City is not using this property as watershed, should the City divest its interest in this property?

      Does the Council wish to set a date for a public hearing relating to the lease rate?  (A public hearing is required by state law.)    Gary Mumford said the hearing was required.  He said Council could set the date next Tuesday for July 1st .


2. Council Members have the option of receiving travel advances/reimbursements and other expense reimbursements by electronic transfer directly into their checking or savings account. Attached is the form. If you are interested in doing this, please fill out the form and leave it with Vicki. 


3. Utah State Fair: Steve Barth is on the Fairpark Board and would like to meet with Council members and Administrative staff to talk about working together on projects that may save the fair. Are Council members interested in meeting?  Councilmember Christensen said he could meet with Mr. Barth anywhere in the next couple of weeks.  Councilmember Jergensen said July would work better.


4. Police Department Grant: The Council was briefed on a potential Police Department grant relating to School Resource Officers. Prior to making application they would like to get feedback on whether the Council supports the City’s participation, including continuation of the program with City resources for two years when the grant expires.   Cindy Gust-Jenson said she spoke with the majority of the Council.  She said the Department would go ahead and apply and they understood the Council preferred to have maximum participation from the School Board.


5. The Police Department recently received notification that overtime money for homeland security issues is being made available to cities to work on several select project areas.


The significant issues with the grant are:


     The grant will provide up to $250,000 in funding.  The City must provide a 25% cash match.  "The match must be a cash match, made from local, state or other non-COPS funds, and may not be paid through reallocating funds otherwise budgeted for law enforcement purposes."

     The Police Department would like to apply for the grant in the amount of $131,250.  That would make the City’s match $43,750.

     There is some potential that the project the City is considering would put the City in a favorable position for receiving much more funding in the future, possibly at a match rate that is more favorable to the City.


Working within the boundaries provided by the grant, the Police Department outlined the following projects that will be helpful to the City:


The projects being proposed focus in two directions:

1.      Identify, complete site survey, scale and map potential sites in SLC that would be the target of terrorists, or that have a high vulnerability risk in the event of terrorist or other catastrophic events.  These sites may be vulnerable due to on-site chemicals, explosives, nuclear reactor, etc.; they may be key government infrastructure, or they may be facilities where large numbers of people gather.  This project will provide valuable plans for any type of catastrophic event, and have been in the Police Department’s strategic plan for many years.  This funding would enable us to accomplish this activity.  It is anticipated that we could complete the activity for fifty sites with the amount identified for this grant.

2.      Provide needed training to law enforcement, fire, emergency management, public services, and other city staff for dealing with catastrophic events. 


Does the Council support the grant application, with the understanding that a match from General Fund Balance would be required if the grant is awarded?  Yes.


6. Ms. Gust-Jenson said Mary would be contacting Council Members to see if they wanted to set up meetings with Rocky Fluhart to discuss the Leonardo Bond idea  .  Councilmember Christensen suggested this should be done sooner than later.