2005 Council Announcements

June 14, 2005

City Council Announcements


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.  Jurisdictional Transfer of Roads A task force of Utah legislators and representatives of local governments has started exploring the transfer of State roads and highways to local governments statewide. Salt Lake City Engineering Division Deputy Director Richard Johnston attended the task force’s organizational meeting Wednesday. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon is a non-voting member of the task force. He was selected to represent cities in Salt Lake County as well as the entire county.


According to Richard Johnston, the task force identified six roads in Salt Lake City to study to transfer to the City. The six roads are:

1300 East Street from 500 South Street to 3300 South Street

Victory Road from Beck Street to Columbus Street to 300 North Street to State Street

500 North Street from Columbus Street to East Capitol Boulevard to 300 North Street to State Street

North Temple Street from 2400 West Street to 300 West Street

2100 South Street from the Interstate 15 ramp to State Street

West Temple Street from 400 South Street to 900 South Street.


Mr. Johnston said the streets equal about 11 miles of roads. The task force is considering transferring University of Utah streets to the university.  The 11 miles is less than 1 percent of the 1,349 miles of road that the task force is considering for transfer, according to an e-mail from Mr. Johnston.


Mr. Johnston identified two issues and listed several questions for Salt Lake City officials to consider. The first issue is whether the City agrees that the proposed transfer of the roads makes sense “assuming the necessary funding is made available.” The second issue is “to determine what the adequate funding should be.” Mr. Johnston prepared the attached list of roads and cost estimates for routine maintenance.


Mr. Johnston listed the following questions for City officials to consider:

     How much does UDOT currently spend to maintain and operate the streets?

     What is the total replacement (reconstruction) value of the routes?

     How many bridges are included in the routes and what is their condition and replacement value?

     What roads and/or structures will need major rehabilitation within the next 10 years and at what cost?

     What other deficiencies or unresolved issues exist on the highways?

     Ownership of the underlying roadway should go to local governments. - UDOT has rejected that in the past.

     Utility issues - Currently UDOT has utility agreements with utilities located in its rights of way.  How does Salt Lake City’s franchise agreement impact those agreements?

     Disposition of other agreements UDOT may have on the roads.

     Liability issues such as safety, Americans with Disabilities Act, and access management.

All Council Members were in favor of having a briefing.

2. Grant Tower Task Force Mayor Ross Anderson has asked DJ Baxter for form a task force to study funding options to pay for straightening the Grant Tower curve in the Gateway area. As you know, the curve is the sharp curve on Union Pacific’s rail line that forces freight trains to slow to about 10 miles per hour. According to Mr. Baxter, the Mayor has suggested that the task force include Utah legislators, Utah Transit Authority representatives, and representatives from Gov. John Huntsman’s office. He also would like to include two members of the Salt Lake City Council. Are any City Council Members interested in serving on the task force?

Council Members Jergensen and Turner will serve on the task force.

3. Downtown Merchants Association Annual Meeting Mary Mascaro has sent out appointment notices for the Downtown Merchants Association annual luncheon meeting. The meeting will be held at noon June 21 in the Wasatch Room in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Cost for the luncheon is $20 per person. Is anyone interested in attending?

Council Members Lambert and Buhler will attend.

4. Early advertising for public hearing – On April 20th, the Council office received paperwork from the Administration relating to a land-use petition to develop compatible infill overlay standards for the Yalecrest neighborhood.  Because the Council’s meetings have been focused on budget, this item has not scheduled as yet on the Council agenda.  If the Council authorizes advertising of public hearing in advance of the briefing, a briefing and hearing can be held in July. Without advertising in advance, the hearing will be delayed until August.  Does the Council wish to authorize early advertising of public hearing for this petition?


All Council Members were in favor of early advertising.


      Councilmember Lambert asked if the existing group working on the zoning regulations for the issuance of building permits for new construction of, or additions to, single and two-family dwelling  would be willing to continue working on the project as a sub-committee. 


Councilmember Saxton said she would be willing to be on the sub-committee replacing Councilmember Jergensen.