2006 Council Announcements

February 9, 2006


City Council Announcements

February 9, 2006


      1.    If a request is made to meet with more than one Council Member, the Council would like to have the request in writing, with the topic of the meeting clearly indicated, the time frame / urgency specified, whether the meeting relates to an issue that will soon be before the Council. 


      2.    Individuals and organizations making requests to meet with more than one Council Member should anticipate that the meetings will be scheduled in small groups, rather than individually, for the sake of efficient use of Council Member and staff time.  There may be cases where individual Council Members request to meet individually and this is, of course, at their discretion.  (For audits we need to do individual meetings in many cases   this just applies to outside requests.) Appointments will be made based upon Council Member availability; requests for particular groupings of Council Members can t be accommodated.   


      3.    The Council wants us to find out as much as possible in advance about the appointment.  For example, will there be maps or photos that need to be reviewed (this will help them make the decision of whether to handle the meeting in a phone call or not.) 


      4.    Council Members would like a list, perhaps in e-mail, of all of the meeting requests and they will check off on whether they want to attend, or handle with a telephone call, or whether the item would be a potential briefing topic. 


            Council Members said phone calls worked well.  Ms. Gust-Jenson said there were eight groups.  Councilmember Jergensen said e-mails could be sent with the names of the organization and what they wanted to talk about.  Councilmember Buhler suggested that if more than one person wanted to meet with the Council they should put what they wanted to meet about in writing and have that as a standard policy.  All Council Members present were in favor.