2003 Council Announcements

February 18, 2003


City Council Announcements

February 18, 2003


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    Rezoning for the Newspaper Agency Corporation: The Newspaper Agency Corporation has filed a petition to rezone property located at 2100 South and 5300 West. The transmittal packet for this requested rezoning will be received in time for a Council briefing on March 4, 2003. In order to accommodate NAC’s timeline for rezoning approval, would the Council object to setting the date for a March 11, hearing the same night as the briefing?  We would also need to begin advertising before the briefing is held.


The Council had no objection to this.


2.    Networking with County Council:  The City Council previously hosted a joint dinner/networking event with the members of the County Council, which included their respective staff members.  This function was well received by both bodies.  There was then and, has recently been some discussion about the possibility of another such event.  Does the City Council wish to discuss the idea of a joint networking meeting to include City Council staff, with the members of the County Council and their staff?


The Council would like to meet at the new Library.


3.    Interlocal agreements with UDOT. Attached are two resolutions to authorize the Mayor to sign Interlocal Cooperation Agreements with UDOT and corresponding Council staff reports. One agreement is for the design and construction of a replacement for the bridge at 700 South and Jordan River. The second is for the landscaped median on 700 East between 900 South and 1300 South. Does the Council wish to hold briefings on these items? If the Council is okay to proceed, the resolutions can both be placed on the consent agenda for March 4th.




4.    Property Conveyances: Does the Council wish to hold any hearings?

a.    (resubmitted) The City to convey title to two parcels of land east of 500 West and south of the Rio Grande Depot to the Redevelopment Agency.  In order to get the needed width for construction of 500 West, approximately 66 feet was purchased from Union Pacific from three funding sources including RDA.  The original intent was to have the RDA take title to the developable land.  Union Pacific did not want to issue different deeds and conveyed the entire property to the City. 

No hearing needed

b.    The City to transfer two parcels of land located at the Northeast corner of 200 South and 500 West to the Redevelopment Agency.  The proceeds ($490,594) will provide funds for the completion of the 500 West Park Blocks.  The RDA will assemble the two parcels into a larger piece it purchased from McDonald and sell the land for development. 

No hearing needed

c.    Title to Island 1A at 500 West between South Temple and 100 South is to be transferred to the Municipal Building Authority.  The MBA must hold real estate as collateral until the bonds are paid.  Reimbursement to the General Fund from bond proceeds cannot occur until the MBA ha title to some real estate.  Title will eventually revert back to the City. 


No hearing needed


B. Council Office Policies


C. For Your Information


1.    ULCT Midyear Conference: The Utah League of Cities and Towns will hold its spring conference on April 9-11 in St. George. This is an advance notice. Brochures are not yet available.


2. Attached is an overview of CDBG information. The process will begin on March 4th when the Mayor makes his recommendations to the City Council.


D. Meetings   


Additional City Council Announcements

February 18, 2003



A.    Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.  Small group budget lunch meetings. Council staff will be ready to hold small group lunch meetings on:

                  Thursday, February 20th

                  Friday, February 21st

                  Monday, February 24th

                  Tuesday, February 25th

                  Wednesday, February 26th

                  and Friday, February 28th 


      Would Council Members be available for these meetings?

Councilmember Lambert will not be available.

Councilmembers felt Tuesday February 25, 2003 might be a

 good date for a late afternoon meeting.


2.    Re-appointment of Mark Garfield to the Transportation Advisory Board. Mr. Garfield is available to come in for an interview on March 11th. Is the Council okay with interviewing him and approving him appointment the same night?


Council Members were in favor of interviewing and approving the same night.


3.    USS Salt Lake Commander Steven Marr will be in town on March 3, 4 and 5th. Are Council Members interested in meeting him?


Further discussion will be held regarding this matter.


4.    Upcoming Council Members’ appointments. Attached (on fluorescent pink) is a list of all appointments for the full Council currently scheduled within in the following two weeks.