2009 Council Announcements

February 17, 2009


City Council Additional Announcements

February 17, 2009


A.    8:12:52 PM Information for City Council Members

Attached is a memo from the City Attorney’s Office relating to the CCRI project.  Ed Rutan will attend to respond to questions. See Attachment

Ed Rutan referred to a memo he sent.


City Council Announcements

February 17, 2009


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1. On City-related issues that generate a high-level volume of comments from the community are compiled by Council staff into a matrix/database format which is commonly emailed to the City Council Members on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

Is the Council comfortable with the format and timing regarding Council staff’s approach in providing a compiled list of community comments to you?

Councilmember Christensen said the matrix was very helpful.  Councilmember Martin was in agreement. 

2. In the past Council members were given two weeks to review Board Appointment paperwork. Reducing the time given for review would help Council staff schedule appointments in a timelier manner.

Council staff would like to inquire if Council members would feel comfortable if given one week to review rather than two weeks.

All Council Members were in favor of one week.

B.    For Your Information   

1. Please find attached a brief update from the Administration regarding a Legislative Action (initiated in 2003) requesting review of the City’s approach to historic preservation. 
The Council received a response from the Administration in February 2005.  The attached report addresses concerns raised by the Council during the Administration’s presentation and how they are being addressed or included in the Preservation Plan project.
This information may be helpful in the meetings scheduled next week with Council Members and the consultant working on the City’s Preservation Plan.
Please let staff know if you have questions or need additional information.