2010 Council Announcements

February 16, 2010


Additional City Council Announcements

February 16, 2010


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    The Council office has been receiving some calls and e-mails in response to staffing changes within the fire department. The Fire Chief prepared a written response to questions in an effort to clear up confusion. Council Staff has drafted a letter which incorporates the Chief’s response, in order to clear up the role of the Council and make the chief’s statement more widely available.


      Is the Council comfortable with Council Staff reading or sending this statement to any member of the public who calls or e-mails regarding this topic?


Councilmember Christensen asked that the word citizen rather than resident be used in the letter.


Ms. Gust-Jenson said Council staff had been contacted by Arteriocyte and Harvest Technologies for letters of support by the City Council for two organizations working with the U of U.   She said Bob Farrington was working to find out more information regarding the legitimacy of the organization.    Councilmember Christensen said Jack Brinton could assist the Council.  He asked if the work would take place in Salt Lake City.


Ms. Gust-Jenson referred to a letter regarding moving the 800 South, Sunny Side Avenue walkabilitly planning design project forward.  She asked Council Members to transfer the funds to the Administration for management of and public engagement of the project.  All Council Members were in favor.  Mr. Everitt was also in favor.


City Council Announcements

February 16, 2010


A.    Information Needed by Council Staff

1.    Attached are two letters from Council Chair Martin. One is formally requesting that the Administration take over the study of 800 S / Sunnyside walk-ability, and the other is confirming the Council’s decision regarding the audit contract for the City.


Would the Council review the attached letters?  Ms. Gust-Jenson asked that Council Members get comments back to staff asap. 



2.    Council Policy Amendments for Council review and approval: 1) Rules of Decorum amendments and abbreviated language, and 2) New section re: Filming and Recordings at Council Meetings. 


Ms. Gust-Jenson asked Council Members to review the short version of the Rules of Decorum.  She referred to the development of Filming, photography and recording at City Council meetings and asked Council Members to review the draft for consideration. 



3.    Provided the new process the Council utilizes to approve grant funding within the Consent Agenda, an outline of the grant applications is below. The details of each grant are also attached. If you have any objections, please speak with a member of staff.

Grant Reference Title

Grant Amount

Grant Program

2009 Water Conservation Master Plan Landscape Efficiencies Inter-Active Website

$25, 554

Water Conservation Field Services Program FY 2010