2003 Council Announcements

August 12, 2003


City Council Announcements

August 12, 2003


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. Council Members Love and Lambert would like to discuss with the Council the attached open space legislative initiative.

Council asked for additional discussion on 9.2.2003, for the open space legislative initiative


2. 96th Utah League of Cities and Towns Annual Convention will be held at the Sheraton City Centre September 10-12, 2003. Vicki needs to register Council Member by August 29. Please also indicate any additional lunch or dinner tickets you would like to order.


a.            Carlton – yes

b.            Van –

c.            Eric –

d.            Nancy –

e.            Jill –

f.              Dave – yes

g.            Dale -

 Council asked for an agenda for the Convention.  Council was reminded to contact

Vicki should they need any additional tickets


3. Police Department – SWAT Team / Narcotics 101 Training Day. The Police Department has offered to hold small group classes with interested Council Members to go through the “what, why and how” of the SWAT Team and Narcotics Divisions in the Police Department. They have a training day for their officers on Wednesday, August 27, and have offered to hold these special classes and demonstrations for Council Members at that time as well. The day would include two sessions – a classroom time to introduce the Sergeants and information. Session 2 would be a field trip to either the airport training range or to Bountiful for simulations and demonstrations. The total time for the two sessions would be approximately 3 hours. They could shorten the time if needed, and one group could begin late afternoon.

Council declined to participate in the SWAT demonstrations


Additional Council Announcements for August 12, 2003


A. Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1. Property Conveyances:

a. Brandywine Ltd. amendment to  add decorative windmill over a boxed canal on an apartment complex at 255 E 9600 South. Public Utilities has reviewed and approved. No construction is needed and total compensation including other uses of the covered canal will be $1200 annually with CPI adjustments.

Council felt no hearing was necessary

b. T-Mobile Telecommunications Right-of-way Lease to place an antennae on an existing power pole located in an alley behind 1472 E Kensington. Compensation is $600 annually with CPI increases.

Council felt no hearing was necessary