2000 Council Announcements

April 4, 2000


City Council Announcements

April 4, 2000


A.    Decisions, Feedback & Information needed by staff


1.    CHRISTMAS IN APRIL: Council Member Carlton Christensen would like to sponsor the “Christmas in April” joint resolution honoring the Greater Salt Lake Volunteers involved in assisting disabled residents and low income residents with home repair.  Are Council Members willing to support such a resolution, and should the Council staff prepare the resolution for signatures?


A: The Council Members had no objection to the resolution.


2.    LEGISLATIVE ACTION ITEM:  Council Member Roger Thompson would like to request the Administration to prepare an ordinance that would govern standards for illegal drug lab decontamination.  Does the Council approve scheduling the attached legislative action item for an upcoming Work Session in April? 


A: There were no objections.


B.    Council Office Policies


C.    For Your Information


1.    GATEWAY INFORMATION: Staff has attached a memorandum and a matrix from the Administration about options involving the installation of medians on 400 West and 500 West between 400 South and 600 South streets. The City Council requested the information at a March briefing on the Gateway Special Improvement District.


2.    NEIGHBORHOOD MATCHING GRANTS: Attached is information on the current status of the Neighborhood Matching Grant Program.


3.    MEETING NOTES:  Attached is information regarding the Quality Growth meeting on March 8, 2000.




A.    Please reserve all Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the month of May for Council Meetings as requested by Council Chair Carlton Christensen.  Due to budget season the Council may need to meet during the last two weeks of May in addition to the regularly scheduled Council Meetings.


B.    July 4 Council Meeting has been cancelled because of the holiday. Formal Council Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 6.


C.    August 1 Council Meeting has been cancelled so Council Members can participate in the Night Out Against Crime.  Formal Council Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 3.


D.    Meetings