2006 Council Announcements

April 18, 2006


City Council Announcements

April 18, 2006


A. Information Needed by Council Staff

1.Professor Ray Mundy, who performed the study of Salt Lake City’s ground transportation industry last year, has informally agreed to proceed with helping implement the City Council’s decision to regulate taxicabs by contract instead of by certificates of public convenience and necessity. Dr. Mundy indicated that the work could cover developing a request for proposals that companies interested in operating taxicabs in Salt Lake City could respond to and developing a sample contract. The work also could cover the award of contracts and the start up of contract taxi services plus helping orient the City’s ground transportation administrator to administering the contract.  This would all be done in collaboration with the City Administration, in particular the City employee position recently funded by the Council.

      Professor Mundy estimated that the work would take six months to nine months. He also has suggested a ceiling price of $40,000. If the City Council finds less work and time is needed, it could pay Professor Mundy less than the $40,000 estimate.

      Is the City Council interested in having staff contact Professor Mundy to proceed, or would it like more detail in what the work would entail?  All Council Members were in favor.

      It should be noted that the Administration has indicated some interest in Professor Mundy’s services. The closing date for applications for the ground transportation position was April 14.


2. Justice Court Weighted Caseload Study:  The Council previously agreed to expand the justice court audit to include an independent weighted-caseload study to provide an objective and realistic methodology for determining resource needs. Attached is a letter from the Matrix Consulting Group and a letter from the National Center for State Courts outlining the scope of the study. The Matrix Consulting Group will continue to provide project support, and the National Center for State Courts will do the study. The total cost of the weighted caseload study is $105,000. The project will take six months. Also attached is a draft letter from the City Council chair to authorize the study. Does the Council wish to confirm expanding the court audit to include the weighted caseload study?  All Council Members were in favor.



Mr. Richard P. Brady, President

Matrix Consulting Group

2470 El Camino Real, Suite 210

Palo Alto, California 94306


Dear Mr. Brady,


      The Salt Lake City Council wishes to engage Matrix Consulting Group to conduct an independent weighted caseload study of Salt Lake City’s Justice Court.  At one time the Council discussed the options of a local study or a national study.  The Council desires the more comprehensive “national” approach.  Our understanding is that you will subcontract with the National Center for State Courts, which has extensive experience in weighted caseload analysis.  The workload assessment is to provide the City Council with an objective and realistic methodology for determining staffing and /or judge need.  We understand that the end result will be a model consisting of case weights and can be utilized to determine resource need and can be adjusted based on changes in variable such as new legislation or process changes.  The tasks of the study are outlined in the attached letters.


      The hourly rates are to be no higher than the rates contained in the Council contract with you.  The maximum fee amount for the audit as authorized by the City Council is $105,000.  The completion date of the study is to be within six months.






                                    David L. Buhler

                                    Chair, Salt Lake City Council





cc:   City Council Members

      Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson

      Rocky Fluhart

      Steve Fawcett

      Mary Johnston