October 19, 1999


Salt Lake City Council



City Council Chambers

City & County Building

451 South State Street, Room 315

Salt Lake City, Utah


Tuesday, October 19, 1999

6:00 p.m.


5:00 p.m., some Council Members may dine together in Room 125 at the City & County Building.  (The room is open to the public.)

A.  WORK SESSION:  (briefing time lengths are approximations only.)

      5:30-5:55 p.m., Room 326, City & County Building, 451 South State Street

1.     Report of the Executive Director, including review of Council information items and announcements.  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

2.     The Council will interview Christine M. Gardner prior to consideration of her appointment to the Capital Improvement Program Board.  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

3.     The Council will receive a briefing regarding Petition No. 400-99-48, a proposed ordinance amending portions of Antenna Regulations of the Salt Lake City Zoning Ordinance.  (Estimated time:  10 minutes)

(The following items as well as items from the above list that Council is unable to complete in Work Session from 5:30-5:55 p.m. will be addressed in a Work Session setting following the regular 6:00 p.m. Council meeting.)

4.     The Council will discuss policies relating to the capital improvement program and the management of debt.  (Estimated time:  30 minutes)


1.  Pledge of Allegiance.

2.  Approval of October 12, 1999 minutes.



1.  Questions to the Mayor from the City Council.

      2. Citizen comments to the City Council (Comments are taken on any item not scheduled for a public hearing, as             well as on any other City business.  Comments are limited to two minutes.)


1.           Ordinance:  Set date - Petition No. 400-99-08 (Request to Rezone  Property at 640 West North Temple and to Amend the Guadalupe Target Area Plan).
Set date of November 2, 1999 at 6:00 p.m. to accept public comment and consider rezoning property located at approximately 640 West North Temple Street from Commercial Corridor (CC) to Special Residential-3 (SR-3), pursuant to Petition No. 400-99-08.
(P 99-36)

          Staff Recommendation:            Set date.

2. Board Reappointment:  McKay Edwards, Transportation Advisory Board
Consider approving the reappointment of McKay Edwards to the Transportation Advisory Board for a term extending through September 30, 2002.
(I 99-2)

          Staff Recommendation:            Approve.

3. Board Appointment:  Dave Gilchrist, Civilian Review Board
Consider approving the appointment of Dave Gilchrist to the Civilian Review Board for a term extending through June 2, 2003.
(I 99-14)

          Staff Recommendation:            Approve.



1.  Legislative Action:  Council Member Carlton Christensen
Consider adopting a legislative action sponsored by Council Member Carlton Christensen requesting to rezone certain properties in the area of 2200 North and 2200 West.
(O 99-28)

          Staff Recommendation:                      Suspend and adopt; refer to Planning Division
                                                          and Attorney's Office.

2.  Legislative Moratorium:
Consider adopting an ordinance enacting a temporary moratorium prohibiting certain development activities in the area of approximately 2200 West and 2200 North.
(O 99-28)

          Staff Recommendation:                      Suspend and adopt.


1.  Resolution:  Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of $81,000,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 1999 (City Block 37)
Consider adopting a resolution confirming the sale and authorizing the issuance of $81,000,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 1999 of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah; fixing the interest rates to be borne thereby; providing for the levy of taxes to pay principal of and interest on the bonds; providing for the use of the proceeds thereof; making certain findings and covenants in connection therewith; providing for a system of registration therefore; ratifying actions heretofore taken; making certain representations and covenants concerning maintenance of the tax-exempt status of interest thereon under the federal income tax laws; and providing for related matters.
(Q 98-6)

          Staff Recommendation:            Adopt.        

2.  Resolution:  (Transitional/Permanent Housing for Homeless)
Consider adopting a joint resolution between the Town of Alta, Bluffdale City, Draper City, Town of Herriman, Midvale City, Murray City, Sandy City, Riverton City, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, South Jordan City, South Salt Lake City, State of Utah, Taylorsville City, West Jordan City and West Valley City relating to the planning of housing opportunities for the homeless.
(R 99-4)

          Staff Recommendation:                      Adopt.

3.  Resolution:  (Economic Development Administration (EDA) Financial Assistance Award)
Consider adopting a resolution authorizing Salt Lake City to execute a financial assistance award with the Economic Development Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce to accept the EDA Financial Assistance Award to Salt Lake City in the amount of $1,274,410 to be used for infrastructure improvements at the Gateway District 500 West Park Blocks Project.
(C 99-951)

          Staff Recommendation:                      Adopt.