October 15, 1991





ROOM 315



Tuesday, October 15, 1991

6:00 p.m.



A.    BRIEFING SESSION: 5:00 - 5:55 p.m., Room 325 City and County Building, 451 South State Street.


                1. Report of the Executive Director.




1. Reading/Thought/Invocation.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Approval of the minutes for October 8, 1991.


C.          COMMENTS:


1.    Questions to the Mayor from the City Council.

2.    Citizen Comments to the Council.


D.          CONSENT:


1.    Ordinance: Petition No. 400-961-91, University Historic District

Set date of November 19, 1991 at 7:00 p.m. to accept public comment and consider adopting an ordinance establishing a historic district between South Temple and 500 South Street and between 1100 East and University Street.

(P 91-345)


        Staff Recommendation:               Set date.


2.    Ordinance: Petition No. 400-916-91, Sidewalk Vending

Set date of November 5, 1991 at 6:30 p.m. to accept public comment and consider adopting a modification of the sidewalk vending ordinance to allow vendors on private property in the Commercial “C-4” zoning district.

(P 91-346)


                        Staff Recommendation:               Set date.


3.    Ordinance: Petition No. 400-960-91, Highfall Road

Set date of November 12, 1991 at 6:10 p.m. to accept public comment and consider adopting an ordinance closing Highfall Road located in the proposed Capitol Hill Plat B Subdivision.  A new road will be constructed in Capitol Hills Plat A Subdivision to replace the current road.

(P 91-347)


                        Staff Recommendation:               Set date.


4.    Resolution: Interlocal Agreement, Substance Abuse Prevention

Consider adopting a resolution authorizing the approval of an interlocal cooperation agreement between Salt Lake City Corporation and Salt Lake County for participation in a Federal Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) community partnership grant.

(C 91-654)


                        Staff Recommendation:               Adopt.


5.    Ordinance: Tax Rate, Salt Lake City Library

Consider adopting an ordinance correcting the tax rate for Salt Lake City Library.  This increase is necessary due to an administrative error with Tax Commission calculations.

(B 91-2)


                        Staff Recommendation:               Adopt.


E.          NEW BUSINESS:


1.    Resolution: Congressional Redistricting

Consider adopting a resolution encouraging the Legislature not to divide Salt Lake City in the Congressional Redistricting.

(R 91-8)


                      Staff Recommendation:                Suspend and adopt.





1.    Canvass of Municipal Primary Election and Recount

The City Council will convene as the Board of Canvassers at their regular meeting place to consider adopting a motion accepting the City Recorder’s statement from the abstract of votes constituting the canvass of the Primary Election held October 8, 1991 for Mayor and Council Members in Council Districts 2, 4 and 6 and accepting the City Recorder’s Statement of the recount of votes for the Primary Election for Mayor held October 8, 1991.

(U 91-22)


                      Staff Recommendation:          Recess, Convene, Adopt,





    6:30 p.m.

1.    Ordinance: Budget Amendment #1

Accept public comment and consider adopting an ordinance amending Salt Lake City Ordinance No. 50 of 1991 which adopted the final budget of Salt Lake City for fiscal year 1991-92.

(B 91-2)


                        Staff Recommendation:               Close and adopt.


    6:40 p.m.

2.    Ordinance: Petition No. 400-910-91, Beehive Elks Lodge

Accept public comment and consider adopting an ordinance amending section 21.56.010 allowing fraternal organizations including an accessory private club as a permitted use in the commercial “C-1” district.

(P 91-280)


                        Staff Recommendation:               Close


H.          ADJOURNMENT: