November 9, 2006

Salt Lake City Council




City Council Chambers

Patrick Moore Gallery

511 West 200 South

Salt Lake City, Utah

7:00 p.m.



5:00 – 6:00 p.m., some Council Members may tour areas in District 4. (Itinerary Attached)



1.  Pledge of Allegiance – Disabled American Veteran’s Honor Guard



B.  WORK SESSION: 7:00 p.m., Patrick Moore Gallery, 511 West 200 South 

1.     The Council will devote a maximum of 30 minutes to comments from the residents of District Four in the order in which the cards are collected.  (Comments are taken on any item as well as on any other City business.  Comments are limited to two minutes each.)

2.     The Council will receive a presentation from Dr. Ted Liou relating to his observations on disaster preparation based upon his work during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

3.     The Council will hold a refugee fact-finding discussion with the following representatives: (a) Jane Willie, Salt Lake City School District Involvement Coordinator; (b) Miro Marinovich, International Rescue Committee Director; (c) Steven Haw, Asian Association; (d) Rosemarie Hunter, University Neighborhood Partners and Hartland Project Director; (e) John Erlacher, Mountain View Elementary School Principal; and (f) Larry Broxton, Consultant and Refugee Grant Facilitator.

4.     The Council will receive a briefing regarding changes to the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility Waste Hauling (Landfill) Program.

5.     The Council will receive an update regarding the City Creek Center Development Permits.

6.     The Council will receive a follow-up briefing regarding a proposed ordinance that would prohibit smoking tobacco products in City-owned parks, public squares, ball diamonds, golf courses, soccer fields, recreational areas, Library Square, City-owned cemeteries, trails and near mass gatherings.  (Unfinished Business Item F1)

7.     Report of the Executive Director, including a review of Council information items and announcements.









1. Ordinance – Adopt regulations prohibiting smoking tobacco products in City-owned parks, public squares, ball diamonds, golf courses, soccer fields, recreational areas, Library Square, City-owned cemeteries, trails and near mass gatherings.

Consider adopting an ordinance enacting Chapter 15.30 of the Salt Lake City Code, prohibiting smoking in City-owned parks, public squares, ball diamonds, golf courses, soccer fields, recreational areas, Library Square, City-owned cemeteries, trails and near mass gatherings.

(O 06-34)


                            Staff Recommendation:   Consider options.







Thursday, November 9, 2006

1.  Tour guests will board the bus from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. at the Patrick Moore Gallery located at 511 West 200 South.  (The bus can park on 500 West, south of the gallery on the west side of the street.)

2.  Medians - Recent ordinance change allows medians to be enforced from dusk to dawn.

3.  Head south on 500 West. 
Shortened onramps
Sunrise Apts. Project

4.  Turn left on 600 South.  Merge immediately to the right in order to turn right on 200 West.

5.  Turn left on 700 South and head east.  As you pass State Street…
     - State Street. 
     - Decorative lights. 
     - Medians could use help or beautification.
     - The Bayou, Plasma Ctr, Vintage Clothing store on east side of street

6.  Pass Koko Kitchen, Sr. Center and Taufer Park

7.  Turn right on 300 East and left on 800 South.
Neighborhoods are slowly improving.  Property owners are refurbishing areas.  Good location – next to services.

8.  Turn left on 400 East by RDA area / cottage street  RDA project / Sego enforcement

9.  Turn right on 600 South.  Quick left turn onto Denver Street.
LDS Church Soap Factory
Moving to NWQ.  Re-use issues.
HOPWA housing will go to the north of the soap factory.
Infill lot on 400 East bet. 500-600 South

10. Turn Left on 500 South heading west.  Turn left on 300 East.  Turn Left on 600 South.
Trolley Square development and housing

11. Turn Right on 800 East and then left 800 South
Smith’s Grocery Store / request for gas station.
Pass Rowland Hall School
Re-use issue when the school is vacant.
Pass barricade – just appropriated $ for design for 1100 East – great asset.

12. Left on 1200 East Street.  DNA - car prowls.  Speed bumps.

13. UDOT is adding left turn off of 1300 East 700 South which will greatly neighborhood vs. pass-through traffic.
Fenway Street funding.

14. Continue north on 1200 East.  At 600 South, turn right. 

15. At 1300 East turn right.  Pass McGillis School on right. 
Fast-moving traffic and bus stop across from McGillis. 

16. At 700 South, turn right. 

17. At 1100 East, turn right.  Pass Judge Memorial. 
Request for historic district survey funds and expansion of University Historic District – will be included in budget amendment #2.

18. Pass 500 South. 
Character of n-hds
Type of homes
Street parking issues

19. At 400 South, turn left.  Go down to 1000 East and follow the curve heading north.
Dividing line for historic district.
Faultline Park / drug traffic
Bollards vs. jersey barricades at the bottom of 1000 East
10th East Sr. Ctr. On east side and doctors’ offices.
Montessori School at 1000 East 200 South.

20. At 100 South, turn RIGHT.

21. At 1100 East, turn LEFT.
Expansion of medical center/new construction.
Cancer Wellness Ctr. On east side.

22. At South Temple, turn left. 

23. At 900 East, turn left.

24. At 200 South, turn RIGHT.
House of Hope (857 E 200 South)
Don Layton (856 E 200 South)
200 South islands
Dollar Store pod

25. Turn left on 800 East
Pass old Grunts & Postures bldg.

26. Turn right on 300 South.
Old Bryner Clinic on north side purchased by Catholic Community Svcs. for residential treatment and alcohol treatment center.

27. Historic islands on 600 East.
Emigration Apts/Townhouse
Crossroads Urban Center
Salvation Army on 500 East
(They provide food, clothing and household items.)
300 South medians in the downtown

28. Brooks Arcade Bldg.
Offices used by the City while City/County building was renovated.

29. SRO’s.

30. Old Zephyr location

31. Rose Wagner

32. Greek community owns several apartment buildings on the north side of the street and may be refurbishing these properties.  Looking at potential land exchange.

33. Turn Right on 300 West.  Turn Right on 100 South.  Turn Right on 200 West. 
Japanese Churches/Salt Palace.

34. Turn right on 200 South.
New light rail stop site

35. Turn Right on 500 West.  Turn Left on 100 South.
Bring City Creek above ground.
Gutted building on 100 So 500 West (northwest side) is going to be storage units across the street from the apt. building.

36. Centro Civico.

37. Turn Right on 600 West
Grant’s Tower and Property Management’s progress w/property owners.

38. Make a U-turn mid-street and proceed south on 600 West.
HOWA building and clubs on the right.

39. UTA fleet building on the right.

40. Turn Left on 200 South.

Bus will drop off tour guests at Hong Kong Tea House, 565 West 200 South.  Assuming inclement weather, the bus will wait until guests re-board after dinner and take them to the Patrick Moore Gallery 511 West 200 South, which is where the tour began.