March 19, 2002


Salt Lake City Council




City Council Chambers

City & County Building

451 South State Street, Room 315

Salt Lake City, Utah


Tuesday, March 19th, 2002

5:30 p.m. *please note special time


5:00 p.m., some Council Members may dine together in Room 343 at the City & County Building.  (The room is open to the public.)


A.  WORK SESSION: 5:45 p.m., Room 326, City & County Building, 451 South State Street


1.  Report of the Executive Director, including review of Council information items and announcements. 

2.  The Council will have a discussion on issues facing Downtown and Main Street in Salt Lake City. Topics will include information from:

a.     Council Staff regarding previously adopted plans and policies, as well as other historical documents; 

b.     Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce;

c.     Downtown Alliance;

d.     Redevelopment Agency Director, David Oka;

e.     Community and Economic Development Director, Margaret Hunt.

3.  The Council will hold a discussion regarding the Council’s future course of action to focus on Downtown Salt Lake City and Main Street.

4.  (tentative) The Council will consider a motion to enter into Executive Session, in keeping with Utah Code, to discuss pending litigation.



1.     Pledge of Allegiance.

2.     Approve the minutes of February 28 and March 5, 2002.




1.  Questions to the Mayor from the City Council.

2.  Comments to the City Council (Comments are taken on any item not scheduled for a public hearing, as well as on any other City business.  Comments are limited to two minutes.)









1.   Resolution: authorize a loan from Salt Lake City’s Housing Trust Fund to Community Housing Services, Inc. for the Capitol Villa Apartment project

Consider adopting a resolution. authorizing the Mayor to execute a loan agreement between Salt Lake City Corporation and Community Housing Services, Inc., for the purchase and rehabilitation of the Capitol Villa Apartments located at 238 West 600 North.

(R 02-4)


                        Staff Recommendation:              Adopt.


2.     Resolution: Board of Equalization and Review for the East Liberty Park Concrete Replacement Special Improvement District No. 101011

Consider adopting a resolution appointing a Board of Equalization and review for Salt Lake City, Utah Special Improvement District No. 101011; setting the dates for the Board of Equalization to hear and consider objections and corrections to any proposed assessments; authorizing the City Recorder to publish and mail a notice of meetings of the Board of Equalization and review; and related matters.

(Q 00-2)


                                    Staff Recommendation:                       Adopt.


3.     Ordinance: Annual Assessment for Utah Special Lighting District L03

Consider adopting an ordinance approving the assessment list and levying an annual assessment upon property in Salt Lake City, Utah Lighting District No. 3, now known as L03; establishing the effective date of the 2002 Assessment Ordinance and related matters.

(Q 02-1)


                              Staff Recommendation:              Adopt.


4.     Ordinance: Set date – Budget Amendment No. 5

Set date of April 2, 2002 at 6:00 p.m. to accept public comment and consider adopting an ordinance amending Salt Lake City ordinance No. 32 of 2001, which adopted the Final Biennial Budget of Salt Lake City, including the employment staffing document, for Fiscal Years 2001-2002 and 2002-2003

(B 02-5)


                                                                                    Staff Recommendation:       Set date, or request written follow-up information prior to establishing a date.




1.     Motion: Set date – Funding requests for CDBG, ESG, HOPWA and HOME

Set date of April 9, 2002 at 6:00 p.m. to accept public comment regarding the Mayor’s proposed recommendations for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) funding, Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) funding, and Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) funding.

(T 02-1)


                                    Staff Recommendation:                       Set date.