February 5, 1991







ROOM 315




Tuesday, February 5, 1991

6:00 p.m.


A.             BRIEFING SESSION: 5:00 - 5:55 p.m., Rocm 325 City and County
               Building, 451 South State.


1.    Report of the Executive Director.

2.     The Council will interview John Klas prior to consideration of his appointment to the Utah Air Travel Commission, for his first full term extending through September 1, 1993.

3.     The Council will receive a Legislative Briefing.




1.    Invocation.

2.    Pledge of Allegiance.

3.    Approval of the Minutes.

4.    The Mayor will present his "State of the City" address.


C.             COMMENTS:


1.     Questions to the Mayor from the City Council.

2.     Citizen Comments to the Council.



D.            CONSENT:


        1.     Resolution: Interlocal Agreement between Salt Lake City
              Corporation and Salt Lake County
Consider adopting a resolution authorizing the approval of an
              Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between Salt Take City
              Corporation and Salt Lake County allowing the Salt Lake County
              Sheriff's Department to use Salt Lake City's Public Utilities
              Department radio frequency 158.83500  along with the Public
              Utilities Department, without impact on the City's use.
              (C 91-47)


                        Staff recommendation:                    Adopt.


        2. Board Appointment

                Consider approving the appointment of John Klas to the Utah Air
              Travel Commission.
              (I 91-10)


                        Staff recommendation:                    Approve.


        3.     Ordinance: Petition No. 400-871-90 Alley Vacation, James A. Duff
              Set date of March 19, 1991 at 6:40 p.m. to accept public comment
              and consider adopting an ordinance vacating a portion of an alley
              located between 550 and 552 North off 900 West pursuant to
              Petition No. 400-871-90
              (P 91-7)


                        Staff recommendation:                    Set date.


E.            NEW BUSINESS:


          I.   Ordinance: General Admission Seating
              Consider adopting a motion requesting the City Attorney's office
              to draft an ordinance banning "festival" or general admission
              seating at indoor concerts.
              (O 91-3)


                          Staff recommendation:                   Adopt.




                UNFINISHED BUSINESS:


        1.     Resolution: Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Plan Grant
Consider adopting a resolution authorizing application of a grant
              for $250,000, and execution of an Interlocal Agreement between
              Salt Lake City Corporation and the National Park Service, U.S.
              Department of the Interior for an Urban Park and Recreation
              Recovery Plan project.
(C 91-48)


                        Staff recommendation:                    Adopt.


        2.     Resolution: Street Lighting District No. 3
Consider adopting a resolution to create Salt Lake City, Utah
              Lighting District, No. 3, as described in the Notice of Intention
              concerning the district, with the exception of the deletion from
              this district of Main Street from Harvard Avenue to Herbert
              Avenue; authorizing the city officia1s to proceed to make
              improvements as set forth in the Notice of Intention to create and
              operate the district; setting the dates for the Board of
              Equalization to hear and consider objections and corrections to
              any proposed assessments; and authorizing the city Recorder to
              publish and mail a notice of meetings of the Board of Equalization
              and Review; and related matters.
              (Q 90-8)


                        Staff recommendation:             Adopt.
G.            PUBLIC HEARINGS:

       I.     Ordinance: Petition No. 400-861-90
Accept public comment and consider adulating an ordinance vacating
              a portion of an alley between Fillmore Street, 1500 East, Parkway
              and Stratford Avenues pursuant to Petition No. 400-861-90.
              (P 91-1)


                        Staff recommendation:             Adopt.

H.            ADJOURNMENT