February 10, 2009

Salt Lake City Council




City Council Chambers

City & County Building

451 South State Street, Room 315

Salt Lake City, Utah

7:00 p.m.



A.  WORK SESSION: 4:00 p.m. or immediately following the Redevelopment Agency Meeting. Room 326, City & County Building, 451 So. State St. (Items from the following list that Council is unable to complete in Work Session from approximately 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. will be addressed in a Work Session setting following the Consent Agenda.)

1.     The Council will receive a briefing regarding an ordinance amending the Central Community Master Plan and the Blocks 4 & 5 - East Waterloo Subdivision Master Plan with respect to properties located at 1952, 1962, and 1966 South 500 East street, and 455, 459, 465, and 475 East Hollywood Avenue changing the future land use designation from Low Density Residential to Institutional Land Uses and other related changes pursuant to Petition No. 400-07-35 (Christus St. Joseph Villa).

2.     The Council will receive a briefing regarding a request to partially vacate the alley abutting the property of 2553 South Dearborn Street.

3.     The Council will receive a briefing from the Administration regarding the recommendation relating to the Leonardo.

4.     The Council will receive a follow-up briefing regarding Budget Amendment No. 2 for Fiscal Year 2008-2009.

5.     TENTATIVE The Council will receive a briefing regarding the list of Legislative Issues for the 2009 State Legislative Session.

6.     The Council will receive a briefing from Salt Lake County Animal Control Services regarding Animal Services Fee Increases.

7.     Report of the Executive Director, including a review of Council information items and announcements.


Council Member Jill Love will conduct the Formal Council Meetings during the month of February.

1.  Pledge of Allegiance.

2.  The Council will approve the minutes of February 3, 2009.



1.  Resolution: Renaming Airport II

Accept public comment and consider adopting a resolution relating to the renaming of Airport II in West Jordan (Administration recommendation- South Valley Regional Airport).

(R 09-4)

Staff Recommendation:   Close and consider options.



1.  Questions to the Mayor from the City Council.

2.  Comments to the City Council. (Comments are taken on any item not scheduled for a public hearing, as well as on any other City business. Comments are limited to two minutes.)






1.  Resolution: Water Efficiency and Conservation Grant

Consider adopting a resolution authorizing Salt Lake City to apply for a grant award from the United States Bureau of Reclamation for water efficiency and conservation (Big Cottonwood Tanner Water Conservation & Fire Flow Improvements Project).

(R 09-5)


Staff Recommendation:            Close and consider options.


2.  Resolution: Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Crisis Shelter

Consider adopting a resolution authorizing a cash flow loan from Salt Lake City's Housing Trust Fund to the YWCA for construction of the new crisis shelter for women and children.

(R 09-6)


                        Staff recommendation:             Close and consider options.




1.  Ordinance: Set Date: Taxicab Services

Set the date of March 24, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. to accept public comment and consider adopting an ordinance amending Chapter 5.72, Salt Lake City Code, pertaining to taxicabs, to provide for transition from regulatory to contract based system for providing taxi services.

(O 05-2)


Staff Recommendation:            Set date.