December 8, 1987








Tuesday, December 8, 1987

6:00 p.m.


A.          BRIEFING SESSION: 5:00 - 5:55 p.m., Suite 300 City Hall, 324 South State.


1. Report of the Executive Director.

2. The City Council will interview Tom Young and Pat Shea prior to their appointments to the Airport Authority Board of Directors.

3. Buzz Hunt, City Treasurer, will introduce the City’s recently hired Revenue Projection Specialist, Susan Roberts, to the City Council.




1. Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Approval of the minutes.

3. The City Council and Mayor Palmer DePaulis will adopt a joint resolution commending Robert McQuarrie for his dedication and commitment to Salt Lake City and the East Central Community Council and wishing him and his family well in their new community.


C.          COMMENTS:


1. Questions to the Mayor.

2. Citizen Comments.


D.          CONSENT:


1.    Research Park Hotel, R-D Zoning.

Set a date for a public hearing to be held Tuesday, January 5, 1987, at 6:20 p.m. to obtain public comment concerning a change in the R-D Zoning District, the Business License Ordinance, the Major Street Plan, the Intoxicating Liquor Ordinances and any other steps necessary to allow a private liquor club and Class “C” Tavern License in the Research Park Hotel.

(P 87-347)


                        Staff Recommendation:         Set date.


2.    Historical Landmark Case No. 710, Nephi W. Clayton House.

Set a date for a public hearing to be held Tuesday, January 5, 1987, at 6:40 p.m. to obtain public comment concerning designating the Nephi W. Clayton House at 140 East 2nd Avenue on the Historical Landmark Site.

(L 87-3)


                        Staff Recommendation:         Set date.


3.    Interlocal Cooperation Agreement, Housing Development Corporation.

Consider adopting a resolution authorizing the City’s entry into an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement and Contract indemnifying the Directors and Officers of the Housing Development Corporation.

(C 87-625)


                        Staff Recommendation:         Adopt.


4.    Board Appointments, Airport Authority Board of Directors.

Consider approving the appointments of Tom Young and Pat Shea to the Airport Authority Board of Directors.

(I 87-10)


                        Staff Recommendation:         Approve.


5.    Petition No. 400-366, Capitol Hill Community Council.

Consider adopting an ordinance amending Section 51—12—2 of the Revised Ordinances of Salt Lake City, 1965, relating to zoning certain parcels of property in the Capitol Hill Community Area pursuant to Petition No. 400-366.

(P 86-312)


                        Staff Recommendation:         Adopt.




1.    Petition No. 100-366, Capitol Hill Rezoning-Area “F” (Gordon Place).

Consider approving the rezoning of the residential area between Main Street and State Street south of 200 North from its present “R-5” zoning to a lower density residential district. The area includes Gordon Place. The proposed rezoning is in reference to Petition No. 400-366 Area “F”, submitted by the Capitol Hills Community Council. The Planning Commission has recommended that the entire area be rezoned “R-3A”. The petitioners are requesting a combination of “R-3A”, “R-4”, and “R-2” standards.

(P 86-312)


Staff Recommendation:         Deny the rezoning of the southern portion of “Area F” of the petition, which includes Gordon Place. Rezone the northern portion of the area from its current “R-5” zoning to “R-3A”, by adopting the prepared ordinance.


2.    Legislative Action, Council Member Tom Godfrey.

Consider adopting a motion returning to the Planning Commission that portion of Petition No. 400-277, submitted by the Sugarhouse Community Council, which affects the “B-3” zoning on 1100 East between 1300 South and 1700 South. The Legislative Action, submitted by Council Member Tom Godfrey, requests that the Planning Commission reexamine the request to change portions of this zoning to residential, and return its recommendation to the City Council along with any recommendation it may have concerning the adequacy of the text of the “B-3” District.

(P 87-348)


                        Staff Recommendation:         Adopt motion.




1.    Special Improvement District, 38-826, Federal Heights Drive. - 6:00 p.m.

Obtain public protest concerning the intention of the City Council of Salt Lake City to construct improvements on certain streets consisting of modifications to curb and gutter, sidewalks and drive approaches; storm drainage; utility relocations; traffic lanes; street trees; sod and topsoil and all other miscellaneous work necessary; to create Salt Lake City, Utah Special Improvement District No. 38-826; to defray the cost and expenses of said improvement district by special assessments to be levied against the properties benefited by such improvements.

(Q 87-10)


Staff Recommendation:   Close hearing and refer to City Engineer for tabulation.


H.          ADJOURNMENT: