December 5, 2000


Salt Lake City Council




City Council Chambers

City & County Building

451 South State Street, Room 315

Salt Lake City, Utah


Tuesday, December 5, 2000

6:00 p.m.


5:00 p.m., some Council Members may dine together in Room 343 at the City & County Building.  (The room is open to the public.)


A.  WORK SESSION:  (briefing time lengths are approximations only.)

      5:30-5:55 p.m., Room 326, City & County Building, 451 South State Street.

(Items from the following list that Council is unable to complete in Work Session from 5:30-5:55 p.m. will be addressed in a Work Session setting following the Public Hearings.)

1.     Report of the Executive Director, including review of Council information items and announcements.  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

2.     The Council will interview Jeanetta Williams prior to her appointment to the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB).  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

3.     The Council will interview Samantha Francis prior to her appointment to the Housing Advisory and Appeals Board (HAAB).  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

4.     The Council will interview Helane B. Leta prior to her appointment to the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC).  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

5.     The Council will receive a report from Council subcommittee regarding utility street cuts.   (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

6.     The Council will receive a briefing regarding the Justice Court implementation.  (Estimated time:  15 minutes)

7.     (Tentative)  The Council will consider entering into an Executive Session to discuss the acquisition of real property in keeping with Utah Code.  (Estimated time:  10 minutes)

8.     The Council will receive a briefing regarding a proposed ordinance related to campaign finance reform.  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

9.     The Council will receive a briefing regarding Budget Amendment Number 4 for Fiscal Year 2000/2001.  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)

10.   The Council will receive an update regarding the status of Olympic MOU discussions.  (Estimated time:  5 minutes)



2.     Pledge of Allegiance.

3.     Approval of November 21, 2000 minutes.

4.     The Council will consider adopting a resolution related to annexations. 




1.  Questions to the Mayor from the City Council.

2.  Comments to the City Council (Comments are taken on any item not scheduled for a public hearing, as well as on any other City business.  Comments are limited to two minutes.)



1.     Ordinance:  Sierra Pacific Communications Telecommunication Franchise
Consider adopting an ordinance granting to Sierra Pacific Communications and its successors, a telecommunication franchise.
(C 00-821)

                                                                                Staff Recommendation:            Adopt.

2.     Ordinance:  Adelphia Business Solutions Operations, Inc. Telecommunication Franchise
Consider adopting an ordinance granting to Adelphia Business Solutions Operations, Inc., and its successors, a telecommunication franchise.
(C 00-822)

                                                                                Staff Recommendation:            Adopt.




1.  Resolution:  Creation of Salt Lake City Central Business Improvement District No. DA-CBID-00
Consider adopting a resolution authorizing Salt Lake City, Utah Central Business Improvement District No. DA-CBID-00, to authorize the recording of this resolution and the Notice of Intention to create this District; and related matters.
(Q 00-7)

          Staff Recommendation:   Consider options.

2.  Resolution:  Revenue Bonds (Justice Court)
Consider adopting a resolution expressing the official intent of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, to reimburse certain capital expenditures from the proceeds of one or more obligations to be issued by the City or its Municipal Building Authority.
(Q 00-10)

                        Staff Recommendation:            Consider options.


1.  Ordinance:  Petition No. 400-99-35, LHM Arena Corporation's request to amend the Zoning Ordinance Sign Chapter relating to alternative sign overlay districts in the Downtown zoning districts, establish a Localized Alternative Sign Overlay District at 301 West South Temple (the Delta Center)
Accept public comment and consider adopting an ordinance creating a sign overlay district for the Delta Center located at 301 West South Temple and amending the Salt Lake City Zoning Ordinance to allow local alternative sign overlay districts within Downtown zoning districts.
(P 00-32)

          Staff Recommendation:            Close hearing refer to January 9, 2001.