April 25, 2002


        DATE:        Thursday, April 25, 2002

TIME:              5:30 p.m.

        PLACE:      Committee Room, 326

                        City & County Building

                        451 South State Street

                        Salt Lake City, Utah



Council Members will hold an extended public hearing for people wishing to offer their input on issues pertaining to Downtown Salt Lake City and Main Street. The schedule will tentatively follow:


5:30 p.m.      General Public Comments to the City Council. (Comments are limited to two minutes.)


6:00 p.m.      Five minute presentations – Group one


7:00 p.m.      Five minute presentations – Group two


8:00 p.m.      Five minute presentations – Group three


Please note:

The Council will take additional general public comments at the conclusion of the five minute presentations, and, as time allows, may take comment in between the five minute groups.


The Council will take a break at approximately 7:45 p.m.